Custom Vape Boxes – Ideal Choice for Product Safety

Custom Vape Boxes


Custom vape boxes are the only option to ensure the unbeatable security, protection, and satisfaction of both your and your customers’ minds. With the proviso that you are having tobacco and vapes related business, then you can learn a lot in this blog!

Custom vape boxes are meticulously fabricated to keep these sensitive and fragile vape products safe. You can customize these packaging boxes as temperature, fire, and moisture resistant to keep them in their actual shape and quality. 

However, if you do not go for suitable and secure packaging boxes, you will no longer be in the emerging market of vapes with incredible packaging boxes. Meanwhile, if you are new to these vape packaging boxes and lacking in having its knowledge comprehensively, then just read the rest!

Why Do Vape Products Need Safety?

Their safety is vital due to the reported incidents in previous years as published by U.S. Consumer Product Safety CommissionFrom 2015 to 2017, approximately 2,035 cases were reported to the emergency department for burn injuries of e-cigarette explosions.”

On a similar note, many more injuries were reported. At a Rite-Aid in Yucaipa, a woman suffered 20% of her body burns from a vape device explosion in her backpack on New Year’s Eve 2020. That’s why please don’t take it usually!

Therefore, Safer packaging should be your bottom line for packaging products during their customization. You should know every aspect of the core requirements regarding the material and design of the vape boxes packaging. Let’s dive in and explore more!

How Custom Vape Boxes Are Aversion Of Harm?

How Custom Vape Boxes Are Aversion Of Harm?

The standard packaging of vape products can now be modified into vape box packaging due to their incredible and unharmed expertise for fume items. They are harmless because of their well-structured and effective add-ons in order to ensure safety.

You can add some kind of inserts that can act like a fixture to keep the delicate vape items in their fixed place during shipment. This feature will keep the other accessories safe, like the vape’s battery and flavors. 

A Guide to Choose the Right Material to Ensure Safety

For the customization purpose, to hit the customer’s attention, you must choose the material that keeps your vape products and your surroundings safe. This is the utmost need to use eco-friendly material for your products. 

As far as we talk about vape products, their green look is needed for sure. You must consider all the aspects your products can suffer in case of any slips or conceivable mischief. Therefore, here are some enduring materials that fulfill every criterion. 

  • Cardstock

This material is eco-friendly in nature and is suitable for shipment purposes

  • Cardboard

It is the most commonly used packaging material and can be recycled 

  • Kraft

Kraft is a biodegradable material that is suitable primarily for shock-absorbent routes and to bear the worst climate conditions. 

Types of Vape Packaging Boxes

There are broad types of vape packaging boxes reflecting their vape products inside. Moreover, they can be classified into different types based on their shapes and sizes. Let’s have an eagle eye to know all about its kinds.

Disposable Vape Packaging

These are the most eco-friendly vape boxes material used in their construction. Disposable vape boxes are often more likely to influence sales due to their simple, easy, and user-friendly structure. 

Live Resin Vape Packaging

If you are vying to preserve the freshness and quality of your vape products, then you must go for the live resin vape box packaging. These packaging boxes ensure superb security against external harmful elements.

Vape Cartridge Packaging

These packaging boxes are more suitable for vape cartridges, offering them a secure closure and display. They offer a remarkable branding facility by providing a clear window to the inside products.

Custom Vape Juice Packaging

Vapes juice boxes are used to secure the vapes with e-liquids. These boxes offer a mindblowing grip to the fragile liquid bottles over the long shipment routes. These are also used to ensure leakage prevention and reduced damages.

Child Lock Vape Packaging

Child-lock vape boxes are one of the most demanding and attention-gaining vape boxes with child-resistant mechanisms in their manufacturing. They offer an extra protective layer to the vape products, which helps keep the children out of reach. 

Safeguard for Your Products and Business

You have known about their tremendous features, which provide marvelous security to your vape products. On the same token, you must know about their significant role in securing your business. They can also act as a safeguard for your business.

Do you know how? This is all because of their power of attracting customers and kicking up your sales. Vape packaging boxes are the greeting face of your vape products. Thus, their customization to have the best-fitted look provides the ultimate security to your business sales.

Final Words

The vaping trend is rising remarkably day by day. Likewise, there is an emerging and drifty competition in this business that was never like before. Therefore, you need to provide additional features to stay unbeatable. 

That’s why custom vape boxes are the ones with which you can ensure the safety and engaging look of your vape products smartly. You can customize them with enduring and eco-friendly materials having different shapes, sizes, and colors. Thus, you can get your desired and best-fitted vape boxes wholesale with more caution.


What are the vape packaging boxes? 

Vape packaging is versatile and gives unparalleled security and allure to vapes of different sizes and shapes.

What are the types of vape boxes packaging?

There are many types of vape boxes regarding their features, like disposable vape packaging, live resin vape packaging, vape cartridge packaging, child lock vape packaging, etc. 

Which is the best material for vape boxes during shockley routes?

Kraft is the best material to preserve the ultimate legacy of vape products and its accessories, like its liquid flavors, cartridges, and primary device.

Can vape boxes do branding?

Yes, why not! You can customize your vape boxes by having prints of your brand logo and its catchy name. Thus, your customers repurchase vapes with your brand name if they like it once.

Have vape packaging boxes any regulations?

It’s obvious! You can print instructions and regulations regarding their storage method and use. You can also add some warning content for a specific group of people with age and health concerns. 

How much does a pack of vape have?

The average price range of a pack of vapes is almost $7. Moreover, it varies from company to company in a range of $5 to $10.

How can children avoid vapes?

You can offer child-lock vape packaging to your vape products for customers concerned about keeping their children away. They consist of an extra protective layer and are not easy to open.

Is smoking better than vaping?

Absolutely not! Vaping is much safer than that of smoking. Vaping is just about having a smoking feel with smoking a cigarette which is very dangerous to health. 

From where to get cheap vape boxes wholesale?

There are many online websites offering customization in vape boxes. However, if you want the best vape boxes with a lower budget, you can go for Vive Printing.

Are vape boxes necessary to use?

Vape boxes are the only packaging solutions that can keep your products safe. These are also helpful in fulfilling legal requirements imprinted on them. Now, the choice is yours!

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