Get Best Budget Plan for Cardboard Boxes

Get Best Budget Plan for Cardboard Boxes


What if I tell you, I have an unbeatable budget plan for your cardboard boxes to save your day!… In this oversaturated market, if you’re looking for a deal that’s more lit than a firecracker, then you’ve hit the jackpot! 7 out of 10 businesses fail because they compromise on product quality just to afford decent packaging. 

Customers judge you with the first glance of your product packaging. That’s why businessmen are losing sleep over their packaging expertise. They want to deliver a top-notch presentation without compromising the essence of what they’re selling.

But here’s the kicker – many of them hit a rocky road and stumble at the start. So, if you’re looking for the edge, where you can surpass your competitors while providing the ultimate customer experience, you are at the right place!

In this content, I have shared a game-changing budget plan for custom cardboard boxes – the secret sauce to elevate your packaging game without busting your budget.

Why Are Cardboard Boxes Becoming the Apple of Eye in Packaging Industry?

The eco-friendly approach has evolved from a fancy CSR strategy to a must for many various varieties of organizations. Shopping online frequently results in the delivery of things in custom cardboard boxes.

Clothing from internet stores or other things sent by mail are examples. It is reasonable to state that cardboard boxes are quickly becoming the most popular packaging material. This was not always the case.

  • Discovering the Packaging Background Before Cardboard’s Reign

There was no emphasis on the environmental element through doing business a few years ago. If there were any laws, the majority of them pertained to heavy industries, which had the most severe (but still noticeable) negative impact.

There was, however, little worry about packing. Custom cardboard boxes were commonly utilized in relocation. Additionally, because e-commerce was only getting started, the majority of the retailers offered things in their retail stores.

As a result, they used plastic bags and other plastic containers to package their products. Furthermore, because plastic was a low-cost option, it became extremely popular. As a result, plastic has come to dominate packaging at some point.

Supermarket chains were the global leaders in its utilization. Consider the German supermarket retailer Lidl, which reportedly produced 3,500 tons of plastic bags for its customers over the course of a year

Widespread usage of plastic shopping bags created a significant problem with uncontrolled garbage that did not “disappear” even after years, but instead contaminated the environment.

  • Custom Cardboard Boxes – Trendsetter in Packaging Industry with Eco-Friendly Solutions

Modern businesses realized that plastic was destroying not just the environment, but also their brands. Customers began to demand firms to adjust as they grew more conscious of environmental issues.

In some ways, recycled cardboard boxes proved to be the ideal answer. Plastic packaging will eventually become a marginal answer, according to industry analysts and experts. Printed cardboard boxes are completely eco-friendly since it is “living” – it is a substance made from composted trash. 

  • Plastic Ban in States All Around

Many nations have either prohibited or forbidden the use of plastic bags. There are already multiple nations throughout the world that have taken a strong stance against plastic trash.

Denmark was the first European country to place a charge on plastic bags, and the European Union quickly followed suit, establishing an 80% reduction in plastic bag use among its members as a goal.

China, Mexico, and Canada are three more countries that have considerably reduced their usage of plastic bags and containers. As a result, those countries created a void in the packaging business that must be filled by a “smarter” solution. 

cardboard printed box

  • Printed Cardboard Boxes – The Emerging Sensation 

Someone may still argue that plastic is fantastic since it allows you to put a branded label on it, create it cheaply, and keep the goods for a longer period of time. However, the simple fact is that plastic has been one of the biggest failures in packaging development in recent years.

That is why subscription boxes (a growing trend in e-commerce) are composed of cardboard. That is also why more businesses are turning to sustainable packaging options.

There is no loss of brand recognition, the prices are not significantly greater, and even if this were the case, it is part of the goal to attract new consumers. Cardboard boxes allow for printing on the box’s walls as well, making it a complex branding channel.

Consider UberEats: while entering a new market as UberEats, the firm emphasized its concern for the environment. They tried to reduce plastic waste, and drivers were frequently substituted with bikers. This technique has also aided in the development of a favourable brand image.

How to Set the Budget Plan for Your Business? 

Gone are the days, when people considered product packaging as a liability! According to a report analysis by Statistica, in 2019, brands spend less than 10% of their budget on their packaging. But now it’s taking the world by a huge turnover.

Although, what kind of printing options you are offering the customers means a lot, your budget varies as per the preferences.  Some of the top priorities while setting your budget include knowing your packaging needs, what are your customers;’ demands and how your packaging is going to add value to the product. 

  • Trending Packaging Needs of the Industry

Every product has its own values and standard and you must be clear about what’s the current and top priority of your product packaging. Mostly, printed cardboard boxes are the right choice as they fit most of the products available in the market.

Whenever you are looking for the best available cardboard boxes for your product, make sure you have think of some important queries like:

  1. Is your product fragile?
  2. Are you selling perishable products?
  3. Are you including multiple products in your package? If yes, then you must consider the package size.
  4. Are you selling multiple types of products or bundles? If yes, you must create different packaging designs and box sizes.

Besides considering these factors, there are a lot more options regarding the printing choices of your product. Laminations, aqueous varnish, even printing inks and the list goes on; all contribute in making the custom cardboard boxes the need of time.

  • Customers’ Expectations Matter – Your Unboxing Experience 

Keeping an eye on the types of products and packaging that your customers desire from you is another aspect of creating a budget for your packaging. You must make sure that you can live up to the expectations that your customers have of your brand.

Consider what your customers are seeking when they open your products’ boxes. For instance, they might value recyclable eco-friendly printed cardboard boxes. The best option for eco-friendly packaging is cardboard boxes with logos. Additionally, you have the option of using biodegradable soy-based ink for printing.

Customers also like receiving packages as a surprise. You can give them little treats like thank you cards and discount coupons to entice them to return and bring more business for you. Keep in mind the following things as a general guideline: 

  1. There’s no need to overload your custom cardboard boxes with too much printing material. In such a scenario, I would suggest less is more. Nobody wants to have a packaging box that is full of instructions or printing material over it. People are more inclined towards minimalistic things and designs.
  2. Bulk quantity orders are another secret to meeting up your customers’ demands while not overpowering your pocket budget investment. So, it means, if you ask any manufacturer to bring up with wholesale cardboard boxes, my friend, you are saving a big deal for the future. 
  3. If your product has been certified by a well-known environmental organization, make this clear on the box. Having your product approved can provide you an advantage over your competition. Some customers will also share your packaging on social media to demonstrate their environmental responsibility. This will only help to increase sales and your budget in the future.
  • How Can You Add Value to the Package Aesthetics?

You must choose what you value in terms of practicality and aesthetics. If you prioritize utility, consider using cardboard boxes, which are both inexpensive and environmentally beneficial. If you use folding cartons, which are often less durable, consider inserts to keep your items in place.

While printing on cardboard is generally restricted to one or two colors, you may use it to offset some of the expenses associated with manufacturing inserts. If you value aesthetics, create a visually appealing packaging design.

Some packaging professionals provide design services, allowing you to combine design and production under one roof. Use bright colors, patterns, and package embellishments like embossing and debossing. 

Take in mind that these extra design features are more expensive. Once you’ve settled on your design components, you’ll need to decide on a volume for the amount of boxes needed. 

Smaller printed cardboard boxes are often less expensive to create and transport, although larger custom cardboard boxes can still be cost-effective depending on the minimum purchase quantity. 

cardboard box with logo

Best Budget Plan for Cardboard Boxes 


1. Thorough Market Research and Analysis

Conduct thorough market research to identify potential customers and their specific needs. Analyze the demand for cardboard boxes in different industries such as e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, and moving services.

2. Find Cost-Effective Suppliers for Your Business

Look for reliable and cost-effective suppliers of custom cardboard boxes. Consider both local and international suppliers to get competitive prices. Negotiate bulk purchase discounts to reduce costs.

3. Proper Cost Analysis for Production and Distribution

Calculate all costs involved in the production and distribution of printed cardboard boxes, including raw materials, labour, transportation, and overhead expenses. Identify areas where you can cut costs without compromising quality.

4. Setting Pricing Strategy

Set competitive yet profitable prices for your custom cardboard boxes. Consider the market demand, competitor prices, and your cost analysis while determining the pricing strategy. Offering volume discounts for larger orders can incentivize customers to buy in bulk.

5. Social Media Marketing and Promotion

Develop a strong online presence through a website and social media channels. Utilize content marketing, SEO, and targeted advertising to reach potential customers. Offer promotions or discounts to attract initial customers and gain traction.

6. Ensuring the Quality Standards

Ensure the cardboard boxes with logos you offer are of high quality and meet industry standards. Establish a quality control process to check each batch before delivery to customers. High-quality products can lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

7. Inventory Management

Implement an efficient inventory management system to prevent overstocking or stock outs. Minimize storage costs by optimizing inventory levels based on demand forecasts.

8. Customer Service

Provide excellent customer service to build strong relationships with clients. Promptly respond to inquiries, resolve issues, and offer personalized solutions. Happy customers are more likely to become repeat buyers and recommend your business to others.

9. Expansion of Product Range

Consider expanding your product range to offer custom cardboard boxes, branded packaging, or eco-friendly options. Diversifying your offerings can attract a broader customer base and increase revenue streams.

10. Performance Monitoring and Adaptation

Continuously monitor the performance of your budget plan, sales, and customer feedback. Use analytics to identify opportunities for improvement and adapt your strategy accordingly. Stay agile to meet changing market demands and trends.

Time to Say Goodbye!

Remember, a successful budget plan for cardboard boxes requires a customer-centric approach, a focus on quality, and a commitment to delivering value to your clients. With a well-executed plan and a strong business selling mindset, your cardboard box business can thrive in a competitive market.

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