What Is Custom Die Cut Boxes – Complete Guide

What Is Custom Die Cut Boxes - Complete Guide


Nowadays, customers get bored with all-purpose packaging boxes. I am here to give you an energetic solution for this enigma! That is custom die-cut boxes. Yes! These can veil over all the traits with which a customer can never surpass your products. 

This is so because die-cut boxes act as a medium which can create momentous impressions by providing plush packaging with protection. Are you curious to know more about these die-cut boxes? 

Look no further! Let me furnish complete guidance; just route down for a few minutes!

Custom Die Cut Boxes; An Optimal Safeguard 

Custom die cut boxes are phenomenal packaging boxes that can be customized according to your products’ actual shape and size. These boxes can be cut in the required shape with a die-cutting machine. 

In 2023 as well as the near future, businesses will dramatically shift towards these printed die-cut boxes. The only odd reason behind this is their exceptional behavior related to the shipment of your products.  

A secure shipment with an alluring look is the ultimate desire of every business person. Everyone wants to eliminate the looming prospect of their business failure by having a long-lasting better customer experience. Therefore, these customized printed die-cut boxes can be a safeguard or savior for your products and business. 

Die Cut Packaging Boxes

Composition of Die Cut Packaging Boxes

Die-cut packaging boxes are made up of sheets of cardboard boxes that can be further folded and slotted into their required shapes with the help of custom dies. For these die-cut boxes, a die of a particular shape and size can be made once and then manufactured in bulk. 

These packaging boxes have a varying composition of corrugated cardboard papers relative to their strength required. Their thickness can be from 10pt(60lb) to 28pt(400lb). 10pt refers to the thinner die-cut boxes, and 28pt refers to thicker ones.

The thicker die-cut packaging boxes are used to securely ship heavy and fragile items. You can also customize these boxes by adding gold or silver foiling, limbo song, debossing and any raised texture. 

Classification of Die Cut Boxes 

Die-cut packaging boxes can be customized so as to get your products to fit into the packaging with more grip according to their shape and weight. There are two further classifications of these die-cut boxes relative to the nature of your products.

  • Rigid Die-cut Packaging

These boxes are usually made up of two cardboard sheets and are relatively strong. Therefore, these are used to ship heavy products. 

  • Folded Die-cut Packaging

These packaging boxes consist of a single cardboard sheet and are usually used to ship flexible and lightweight products.

Decisive Benefits of Printed Die Cut Boxes

If unaware of their decisive benefits, you cannot know the worth of printed die-cut boxes. Do you want to know why the products having a shield of die-cut packaging boxes grab customers’ focus with a high magnetic effect?

The straightforward answer is their exclusive perks, benefits, and highly secure shipment. So, let’s dive into their key benefits!

High Geometric Accuracy 

The name of the die-cut packaging boxes shows a very influential feature with which the business owners are taking stunning benefits. Due to their custom die-cut pattern, they provide a high geometric accuracy of a particular product to place in. 

Due to their customized pattern of product placement feature, they offer a firm grip on your products. They can be given a perfect space for either large or small products. Meanwhile, they are perfect for any type of complex or simple shape of products. 

Undoubted Protection

As I mentioned earlier, these die-cut boxes can provide an accurate insertion for any type or product size due to corrugated cardboard boxes. As a result, Statistics revealed a study that From 2022 to 2026, U.S. shipments of corrugated boxes are calculated to exhibit a CAGR of 1.7% to reach 450 BSF.”

Their sturdy walls give your delicate and fragile products extra protection. Therefore in simple words, they act like a fixture for your products and give an everlasting impression to your customers when they receive a fragile or fancy item in excellent condition.

Minimize the Shipment Cost

These die-cut boxes are cost-effective packaging solutions because they can reduce extra shipment charges. Do you know how? The reason behind this is their fixture-like construction. 

Most of the time, for long and jerky routes, you must add some type of foaming inserts, packaging pallets and pillows. 

But, in the case of die-cut boxes, you don’t need them. Those custom die-cuts are enough to give them proper strength. That’s why these extra charges can be obsolete, and you can invest in something productive. 

Provide Brand Recognition 

Printed die-cut boxes are another name for branding if your customers get impressed with their first experience. Then, the logo and your brand name printed on these packaging boxes can be the insignia of your brand.

Therefore, once your customers like your products and packaging, they will share it. Thus, it will provide recognition and fame to your brand. Moreover, these die-cut boxes will help you to get payback with a remarkable profit margin.

Provide Sustainability

Provide Sustainability

This is the era when you must go green to save your planet. Therefore, die-cut packaging boxes are the ones which are manufactured with an array of materials having green footprints on the environment. 

That’s why these are powerful packaging boxes in order to grab customers’ eyes. The reason behind this is the customer’s preference towards eco-friendly practices. They value the brands which follow sustainable routes. 

Final Words

As a whole, custom die-cut boxes are the optimal packaging solutions to provide superb security and allure to your products at the same time. These are the packaging boxes with which your customers will choose only your products in a massive crowd of alternatives. 

The main reasons behind this are the key points and benefits which I have discussed with you guys in this whole article. Moreover, these die-cut boxes are gaining incredible popularity across the board, assisting brands to elevate their sales. 


What is the central concept of custom die-cut boxes?

Custom die-cut boxes are manufactured on the concept of providing proper inserting space for products with distinctive artwork and odd shapes. 

What is the principal use of die-cut boxes?

Die-cut boxes are getting universal acceptance for any type of product having any shape and size. These can be used for heavier as well as lighter product shipments. 

How much investment is needed for custom die-cut boxes?

There is no fixed budget required for getting die-cut boxes. You can have your die-cut packaging boxes according to your budget with the variation in the types and features added in these boxes.

What are die-cut packaging boxes made of?

These boxes are made up of single as well as double-layer corrugated cardboard sheets. You can customize them according to your required strength.

How many types of die-cut boxes?

There are majorly two types of die-cut boxes regarding the nature of the material. One is the rigid die-cut box, and the other is the folding die-cut box.

What is the thickness of die-cut packaging boxes?

The thickness of die-cut packaging boxes can vary with the varying type of packaging strength required. It can be from 10pt to 28pt. 10pt is for lighter products and vice versa.

Are die-cut packaging boxes suitable for heavy items?

Of course! These packaging boxes are very optimal packaging solutions for the secure shipment of heavy items. 

Where can I get printed die-cut boxes?

Vive Printing is an emerging custom packaging company offering flawless services related to die-cut boxes. They are easy to approach and provide cost-effective customization in packaging boxes. 

What colors are suitable for the printing of printed die-cut boxes?

You can use some bright colors contrast with earthy colors creating an alluring look. You can also add a touch of color of the year, “Viva Magenta,” to the printing of your packaging.

What is the minimum quantity to get die-cut boxes?

Minimum order quantity varies from company to company. But, Vive printing is offering you to get your customized packaging boxes with the lowest minimum order quantity compared to others.

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