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Readers are mostly very sensitive and organized persons by nature. They treat books as their best companions and they want to take care of them like the best companion. They keep them with love and affection. Readers like to organize their reading habits by using different gadgets. Bookmarks are among those gadgets that help them in organizing their reading habit. It is a useful gadget for readers that saves their time in locating the pages where they left off. They bring convenience to the readers while reading.

Viveprinting is offering bookmarks in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Usually, they are designed by keeping in mind the reader's age, interest, and requirements. You can also customize their designs according to your desires. Utilize our custom bookmarks printing option to give them a lovable look. Print on demand bookmarks from Viveprinting in tempting shapes and styles.

With that, their printed artwork can also be customized easily. We use top-quality materials in their making. Especially, the use of the best quality cardstock material allows us to design bookmarks with alluring designs. This material comes with easy customization options that provide an opportunity for our designers to display their creativity skills skilfully.

What makes us the best option for your custom bookmark printing? Our experience in the printing industry makes us superior to our competitors. With that, we have teams of highly professional people working at all levels who will guide you step by step during the designing process of your bookmarks. It will help you in achieving the desired results to design them innovatively.

Top-Quality Stocks Offered by Viveprinting for Bookmark Printing:

We are working on different stocks to produce quality bookmarks. All these materials come with different specifications and features. You can utilize them according to your needs and requirements. With that, we also allow our clients to recommend their desired material for bookmark printing. The use of modern-day technologies makes us capable to design custom laminated bookmarks on any material conveniently.

Some of the recommended materials by our experts for bookmarks to print are.  

10 pt. Cardstock:

  •         It is the thinnest of all the materials to create bookmarks.
  •         It is a flexible and supple material. These features allow you to make different shapes and styles of bookmarks easily.
  •         This material is available in different finishings like a glossy finish, matte finish, and others.
  •         The extra coating on it makes it scuff-resistant.

14 pt. Cardstock:

  •         It is thicker than 10 pt. cardstock paper.
  •         It is a durable and strong material.
  •         This material is available with different finishings like gloss finish, UV gloss coating finish, matte finish, and others. Users can select any of them according to their desires.
  •         It is among the most demanded materials to create printed marketing material for businesses like Business card printing, postcard printing, hang tags, and others.
  •         The material with gloss coating and UV coating is scratch resistant.
  •         The matte finish provides the printed artwork with elegance and grace. It also provides writability features to the bookmarks.

16 pt. Cardstock:

  •         It is a little thicker than the previous two materials. This makes it extra durable and strong.
  •         It is available with different coatings like gloss coating, matte coating, and others. The users can select one according to their demands.
  •         The cardstock paper with gloss coating makes the artwork look vibrant and lively. Whereas the matte finish provides elegance and grace to them.
  •         Both coatings provide writability features.
  •         This material is highly recommended by our experts for bookmarks to print.

17 pt. Cardstock:

  •         It is the thickest of all the cardstock materials used for the making of bookmarks.
  •         The thickness of the material makes it quite durable and strong.
  •         The bookmarks designed with this material are good to use lifelong.
  •         It is available in different coatings. Gloss coating and matte coating cardstocks are highly in demand to use for the making of customized bookmarks.   
  •         Gloss-coated cardstock material gives a shiny and bright look to the printed artwork. Whereas a matte finish gives a dull but elegant look to the printed artwork.

Develop Artworks with a Lively Look:

The printing of the bookmarks with lively and vibrant artwork gives a pleasant look to the readers. They work as a breeze of fresh air for them. The cardstock material that is normally utilized for their making comes with easy printing options. This allows our designers to showcase their best design abilities. They will create impactful artwork for your bookmarks printing.

Which features make the bookmarks printing artwork efficient and effective?

  •         An artwork with some interactive images.
  •         Use high-resolution images in the artwork designs.
  •         Use short text lines. The lines should be catchy and likable.
  •         A combination of bold and sharp colors makes the look of the artwork highly interactive and eye-catching.
  •         Adding a brand name and logo makes it a perfect marketing tool.

Get Bookmarks Printing in Appropriate Sizes:

The size of the bookmark plays a vital role in their likability. A proper size bookmark is easy to carry and handle by readers. This convenience in use makes them likable by the users. We are offering them in different standard sizes. With that, you also have the option to customize their size according to your needs.

Some standard sizes for bookmarks printing are.

  •         2” x 6”
  •         2” x 3.5”
  •         2” x 7.25”
  •         2” x 9”
  •         2.5” x 8.5”
  •         Custom size.

Shaping Bookmarks in an Eye-Catching Way:

The advancements in technology allow us to design and shape bookmarks in alluring styles. Especially, the use of die-cutting techniques provides us the opportunity to give custom laminated bookmarks an eye-catching style. You can give them different shapes easily as cardstock material comes with easy cutting and molding options.

Why Choose Viveprinting for Bookmarks Printing?

We are offering our customers a huge range of products at cost-effective prices. You can choose our services by keeping in mind our printing industry experience. We are the market leader in the printing industry in the US.

Our services feature.

  •         Economical and cost-effective products.
  •         24/7 customer support.
  •         Top-quality products.
  •         Free shipping services.
  •         Use of eco-friendly and recyclable packaging materials.

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