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Whenever you present your business card to someone. It delivers the first impression to the viewer about you and your business. Therefore, it should be an impressive one. When someone holds it, they must feel privileged and honored. They should get the required information about you and your business from it conveniently.

Standard business cards can be customized according to the user’s requirements. Its shape, size, and style are easy to customize because they are designed on flexible materials. Especially, the most important thing the printed material on it should be customized properly. A combination of proper customization of all these features results in an efficient and impactful business card.

We offer our customers numerous different designs and styles of professional business cards with impactful artwork. You can choose from our online library or you can share your design copy with our experts to create your customized cards. Our designers will provide you with guidance in both cases. They will guide you about the material, style, and artwork by utilizing their vast experience in the printing field. It will help you in getting the right product.

Our Suggested Stocks to Make Business Cards:

You can use different stocks to create them innovatively. Some of them are recommended by our experts. They are.

14 Pt. Cardstock Paper:

It is one of the most utilized materials to create inspiring professional business cards. It possesses some great features like.

  •         A material that is perfect to use for bulk printing.
  •         A useful material to get printed on both sides.
  •         It is available in different coating finishings. Users can select anyone according to their choice and desires. The most utilized ones are gloss finishing, matte finishing, and UV gloss.

16 Pt. Cardstock Paper:

This material is also highly recommended by our experts to develop business cards. It possesses some special features.

  •         Thicker than 14 pt. cardstock paper.
  •         Durable and sturdy building material.
  •         Provide the cards with a professional look.
  •         The cards remain uncreased and scratch less.
  •         Available in different coatings like matte, gloss, and others.

17 Pt. Cardstock Paper:

Another material with some great features. This is mostly used by companies with a high-end market.

  •         A durable and strong material.
  •         For highly professional use.
  •         Available in different coatings for a diverse look.
  •         It is available on a writable uncoated surface as well.

Our expertise is not limited to these materials only. You can suggest other materials as well for the making of cards. We will do it for you on your recommended material. All the above-mentioned materials are flexible and supple by nature. This makes them a good choice to create customized cards.

Standard sizes for Business Cards:

The flexibility and suppleness of the building materials allow us to develop the cards in different sizes easily. The die-cutting techniques further help us in giving them desired sizes. Some standard sizes recommended by our experts to design these cards are.

  •         2” x 3.5”
  •         1.75” x 3.5”
  •         2.5” x 2.5”

With that, you can adjust their sizes according to your needs and requirements as well. We allow our customers to customize the sizes of their cards by themselves. These sizes of cards are easy to carry. You can keep them in your wallets or pockets with ease. They do not get creased or wrinkled quickly. They even do not get torn off easily as well. The sturdiness of the material keeps the card in its perfect shape for a long time.

Customize shapes of Business Cards:

The use of advanced technologies and design methods allows us to give these cards any shape conveniently. Especially, the introduction of die-cutting techniques in the packaging industry has revolutionized it. This method allows us to design products in innovative and unique shapes easily.

Similarly, the same techniques are used for the development of various cards like embossed business cards, foil business cards, and others. We are offering them to our clients with various features and styles like rectangular, oval, square, and others. We also allow our clients to get engage with our experts and customize the shape of their business cards according to their wishes. Our designers will guide you to the best solution by implementing their vast experience in the printing field.  

Inspiring Printing Solutions:

You can get the guidelines from our experienced designers to design your business card artwork. Some basic things are needed to understand before designing them.

  •         An artwork with accurate information.
  •         It should contain to-the-point information.
  •         The sweet, short, and simple text should be included in it.
  •         The addition of the company logo and name is a positive thing.
  •         Delivers the required information to the viewers conveniently.
  •         Use of pleasant color combinations in their design.

By following the above-mentioned steps, we will be able to develop inspiring artwork for the cards. They will deliver a positive impression to the viewers about the company or an individual. Avoid using long text in the design of card artwork. Keep it simple and precise. This makes them easy to read and also improves their appearance to a great deal.

Cost-Effective Way to Impress Others:

The business card delivers the image of a person or a company to the viewer. They provide a cost-effective way to impress the viewers. The materials used for their making are available at low prices. With that, the other designing processes required to design them are also low price and economical like their printing, cutting, lamination, and others. These cards can also be used as a marketing tool for your company or to promote an individual.

Choosing Viveprinting:

Why choose Viveprinting for the making of business cards? We are offering some great solutions to our customers in this regard at economical prices. Our experts will guide our clients in the best possible way so that they get the best product from us that fulfills their needs satisfactorily.

Our company’s main features are.

  •         High-quality products.
  •         Economical prices.
  •         Quick turnaround of the orders.
  •         Well-trained and experienced staff.
  •         24/7 customer services are available.

You can reach us through call, email, or customer chat support available on our website. We will guide you with our best knowledge. Do not waste any more time and place your order today. We are offering some great discounts on our products like notepads printing, calendars printing, and many others. So, enjoy the discounts and get free shipments at your doorsteps.