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Advertise your business to keep your customers engaged with your products and services. In a highly competitive market, it’s always been a tough task for any company to keep hold of its loyal customers. Therefore, give them something new and fresh to see. Use innovative ways to advertise your business in front of them. This will keep them interested in your business activities. Advertise your business 365 days a year through custom calendars printing.

We offer you some amazing designs and styles of business calendars that work perfectly as an advertisement tool for your business. Our experts will guide you in this regard. They have a vast experience in the printing industry which they utilize to design your business printing material efficiently.

You can use these customized calendars as a giveaway gift for your customers. By giving away such small and economical gifts to the customers, they start feeling special and honored. This keeps them loyal to the brand. You can customize the design and style of these calendars according to your desires. Especially, the printed artwork on them plays a vital role in making them an effective marketing tool. You can design the artwork under the supervision of our expert designers to give them an eye-catching look.

What Viveprinting Brings to its Customers?

We bring our customers new opportunities to advertise their business uniquely. This gives their customers something new to experience. Our vast printing industry experience has made us capable to deliver new and unique printing solutions to our clients like flyers printing, calendars printing, and many others that they can utilize to promote their valuable products and services.

Viveprinting has hired trained and experienced people for this purpose so that we can accommodate our customer printing needs properly. Our stock experts will guide you regarding the best choice of stock for the making of business calendars. Whereas, our experienced designers will sort out your calendar’s artwork designs. You can avail of these designing services free of cost.

Our featured services include.

  •         Same-day or 1-day printing solutions.
  •         Print a calendar with customized artwork designed under the supervision of our expert designers.
  •         Add additional beautification features according to your desires.

We allow our customers to get engaged with our designers and customize their blank calendar printable designs by themselves. This will provide them the opportunity to give their desired appearance which they can use to promote their businesses.

Effective Paper Stocks for Their Designing:

There are different types of stocks available in the market to develop business calendars in a variety of styles. We allow our clients to choose their calendar stock themselves. With that, our experts will also guide you in making the right choice.

The stocks we recommend to our clients to use for the making of their business calendars are.

70 lb. Uncoated Paper:

  •         It is one of the most utilized paper stocks for the making of calendars.
  •         It comes with an uncoated surface that provides perfect writability and printability options.
  •         The best material to print a calendar. You can print customized artwork on it easily.
  •         An eco-friendly option to design amazing-looking calendars.

80 lb. Paper Stock with Gloss Finish:

  •         It is thicker than 70 lb. paper stock. This brings durability and strength to the calendar designs.
  •         The gloss finish gives the printed artwork a vibrant and lively look.
  •         It is not writing-friendly due to the gloss finish.
  •         The gloss finish makes it surface scratch resistant.

80 lb. Paper Stock with Matte Finish:

  •         It is a thick and durable material with a non-reflective matte finish.
  •         The matte finish gives the printed artwork an elegant and graceful look.
  •         This paper stock provides easy writability options. Users can write their notes on these calendars with ballpoint pens.

100 lb. Paper Stock with Gloss Finish:

  •         It is the thickest paper stock used for the making of custom calendars printing.
  •         The thickness of the paper makes it durable and sturdy.
  •         The gloss finish makes the look of the calendars printing pulsating and dynamic.
  •         It may provide you with writability options but testing is advised.
  •         It is highly in demand stock for flyers printing, brochure printings, and other marketing material.

100 lb. Paper Stock with Matte Finish:

  •         A durable paper material for the designing of long-lasting calendars.
  •         An eco-friendly material.
  •         The matte finish provides easy writability options to the users.

Standard Sizes of Business Calendars:

Viveprinting is offering its customers business calendars printing options in various sizes. We allow our customers to customize the sizes of their calendars according to their wishes as well. They can change the size of their calendars according to their convenience.

It is easy for us to offer customization options to our clients because we are using flexible and supple building materials in the making of business calendars. With that, the introduction of advanced die-cutting technologies in the printing industry has changed the ways of designing products. It has made it easy for us to develop difficult shapes of products easily. By utilizing die-cutting techniques efficiently, we can style our business calendars in unique ways.

Some standard sizes of business calendars we are offering to our customers are.

  •         8.5” x 11”
  •         5.5” x 8.5”
  •         11” x 8.5”
  •         8.5” x 5.5”
  •         6” x 6”
  •         12” x 12”
  •         Custom sizes.

You can change the dimensions of the calendars according to your needs as well. We will do it for you.

Custom Printing Options:

The use of paper stock material provides us the opportunity to print calendars with customized artwork. The paper material comes with easy printing options. This makes the printing process of calendars interesting for everyone.

Normally, the artwork designed for the calendars must contain the brand name and logo in it. With it, a short text can also be included in their designs but try to keep the text to the point. The use of vibrant colors makes the appearance of the calendars eye-catching and beautiful. Therefore, try to use a combination of bold and sharp colors while designing your artwork.

Custom Support and Guidance:

We have a customer support department available for your guidance and support 24/7. Our experienced customer support team will guide you at every step of designing your products. If you have any query related to your product design, you can reach us by email, call, or customer chat support available on our website. Especially, if you are looking for an option of calendar printing near me, just check out our availability. We will deliver your calendars at your doorsteps free of cost.