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A look of a product matters a lot in its success. The quality and brand name do play their roles in making it successful but renowned brands also admit the importance of packaging. A unique style of packaging adds extra value to the enclosed items. This is the reason why renowned brands give high value to the design of their product packaging. For new entrants, the product packaging provides them a way to establish themselves in the market by attracting customers to their products through innovative packaging styles.

Some products are generally linked to the young generation. They are the main users of these products. Similarly, CDs are among those products that are mostly utilized by them. Normally, young people get attracted to products that are packed in eye-catching styles. Especially, their printed artworks play a vital role in grabbing their attention.

CDs are usually packed in dual packaging solutions. The main packaging comes in the form of a plastic case and the secondary packaging comes as their sleeves. The plastic cases go inside these sleeves which protects them from getting filthy or getting any other type of damage. Normally, the CD sleeves are made from cardboard or cardstock materials. They are quite strong and sturdy materials that protect the CDs. With that, they come with easy printing options and this allows us to give them alluring styles through eye-catching printing.

At Viveprinting, we offer our customers custom CD sleeves for their convenience like paper CD sleeves, plastic CD sleeves, and others. You can work with our designers and instruct them to design them according to your needs and requirements.  

Let's jump into the services we are offering to our clients regarding the design of tempting and stylish CD sleeves.

Usage Of Strong and Sturdy Building Materials for CD Sleeves:

The use of appropriate stock material is necessary to develop an efficient and effective packaging solution. One wrong selection will ruin the whole design and the struggle behind its making. This is why we suggest our clients get a consultation from our experienced designers before start making them. They have vast experience in designing different types of packaging solutions. They are aware of the ongoing trends. They are the best people to get suggestions on designing custom CD sleeves.

They will guide you about the usage of different building materials as well. They will tell you their features and qualities. This will help you in selecting the right building material for the making of your product packaging. We recommend our clients go with the following two options for the making of their CD covers.

16 pt. Cardstock with Gloss Finish:

  •         A strong and durable material.
  •         It is flexible and supple by nature. This makes cutting and molding the material easy.
  •         This material provides easy printing options.
  •         Customized artwork can be printed on them easily.
  •         CD sleeves made from it are long-lasting.
  •         It comes with scratch-resistant and scuff-resistant features.

14 pt. Cardstock with Gloss Finish:

  •         It is thinner than cardboard material but still extremely strong and sturdy.
  •         The flexibility and suppleness of the material allow you to cut and mold it easily into different sizes and styles conveniently.
  •         The smooth shiny textured finish gives the printed artwork an eye-catching look.
  •         It is a highly recommended material to develop CD sleeves, Catalogs printing, and business card printing.

100 lb. Paper Stock:

  •         It is the thinnest material in comparison to the first two.
  •         Its convenient printing options allow designers to print alluring artworks.
  •         Paper CD sleeves are low-cost packaging solutions.

These materials have some great features which make them a perfect choice to develop different types of CD packaging. We provide an opportunity for our clients to select the material of their choice. This allows us to give the packaging a desired look by our clients conveniently.

Customized Printing Solutions for CD Sleeves Eye-Catching Looks:

The product packaging appearance is highly dependent on its printing styles. This is why it is always been done with great care and caution. Especially, when we talk about the products that are mostly utilized by young people. Its importance further increases to a great extent. Designers design special artworks to be printed on these products' packaging. They give these products an alluring and tempting appearance.

Viveprinting is offering numerous printing solutions to its clients. They can utilize them to give their product packaging an appealing look. We allow our clients to work in collaboration with our designers and design their artwork themselves. By utilizing this feature, you will be able to add anything of your choice to the artwork. You have the freedom to add any specific images to it, change its color combinations according to your needs, or add any text that represents your products in a better way.

Especially, customized artworks are highly in demand for CD sleeves printing with personal data in them like videos of a marriage ceremony or a birthday party, or any other personal functions. These CDs are usually very close to the hearts of the owners. That's why they customized their sleeves artworks with special features like adding the ceremony pics in it and adding text related to it. These personalized artworks give their CDs a heart-touching appearance. These artworks leave long-lasting impressions on the viewer's minds.

Cost-effective CD Sleeves Designs:

We provide our clients with cost-effective packaging solutions. The use of economical building materials in their making allows us to cut down the prices to a great extent. Our economical products will benefit you in many ways without putting a dent in your pocket.

We do not push our clients to go out of their budget lines. We always try to accommodate their needs by limiting ourselves within their budget lines and still providing them with effective packaging solutions. We never compromise on the quality of our products. Therefore, our clients can rely on our products without any doubt.

Customer Support Services:

Our experience in the printing industry makes us superior to our competitors. We offer our customers 24/7 customer support services. you can reach us by email, call, or customer chat support available on the website. Our experts will guide you with their best knowledge and experience.

Take advantage of our ongoing offers and place your order today. We will deliver your orders to your doorsteps in a quick turnaround. We are developing a wide range of packaging products. For complete details visit our website or you can consult with our customer support team member regarding your query.