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Custom Automotive Packaging

The custom automotive packaging by Viveprinting not only helps companies in packing their products securely but also helps them to present them innovatively in the market. As one of the best automotive packaging manufacturers and suppliers in the USA, we deal in all kinds of automotive packaging boxes and make sure our clients get high-quality products from us every time.

We are using high-quality stocks for producing high-quality boxes. Some highly in-demand stocks are cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and Kraft paperboard material. The options are not limited to these stocks only. You can select any other stock of your choice as well. Most of these materials come with easy printing options that allow us to give the packaging a tempting look.

Our expert designers will make attractive and stylish artwork to be printed on your boxes. They give a lively look to your boxes that adds extra value to the enclosed items in them. We provide our clients an option to customize their packaging artworks themselves or you can provide us with your ready designs as well to be printed on your packaging. We are using advanced printing technologies for this purpose. 

Get in touch with our experts and get your desired products. You can customize any product packaging boxes according to your requirement whether it is custom apparel packaging, candle packaging, or any other product packaging box.

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Explore New Custom Automotive Packaging Styles:

The benefits of custom automotive packaging become more attractive if it brings sales to the company. We at Viveprinting make sure that our packaging products help you to increase your sales. Our experts will share the latest packaging styles and ideas throughout the project and make sure they will get the best products from us. You can explore our website library for inspiration to design your box. We have a range of custom automotive box-style ideas on our website. Do visit us before placing your order. Some highly demanding styles for automotive packaging are discussed below for your information.

Straight Tuck End Boxes

A box with a simple design. It is a highly efficient design to pack different automotive products. You can design these boxes in different sizes according to the product size.

Reverse Tuck End Boxes

It is another simple and effective packaging box design. They differ from straight tuck-end boxes due to their flaps style. In these boxes, the top opening flap is attached to the front side of the box whereas the bottom opening flap is attached to the back of the boxes. The top-end tuck rolls into the back side of the box whereas the bottom tucks roll into the front side of the box.

Mailer Boxes Style

They are the most utilized boxes for the packaging of automotive products. It is due to their easy and convenient packaging style. It comes with interlocking flaps and wings that make their usage and assembling extremely easy.

Die-Cut Boxes

Die-cutting techniques have changed the shape of the packaging industry. With its proper utilization, you can create eye-catching styles of automotive boxes. Creating different shapes and styles of windows in the boxes enhances their look a great deal.

For more options, you can visit our website or consult with our customer support team member.

What do you get at Viveprinting?

We have introduced the concept of a one-stop shop in the printing and packaging industry. We make sure that our clients will get all the support related to the manufacturing of custom automotive packaging under one roof. This idea helps us to increase customer satisfaction and the quality of the product.

You can design, style, and print your boxes from us in one go. Choose the stock of your choice. Consult with one of our designers who will design the box style for you. Get your artwork done under the supervision of our expert designers. This is it. Your box is ready to deliver. How convenient is this for a layman to place an order for custom packaging solutions at Viveprinting?

Unlimited Option of Material and Coatings for Custom Automotive Boxes:

The benefits of custom automotive packaging are huge. Each stock has different features and qualities. There are different types of materials available at Viveprinting to custom your product packaging. They are used in different conditions according to the requirements of the product and the company.

As one of the biggest automotive packaging suppliers in the USA, we have a range of materials with different coating and finishings that you can use to style your box. Our experts will help you out in choosing the best material according to your requirements and budget. The cardboard and Kraft paperboard in different forms are highly utilized stocks for this purpose.