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Explore popular candle packaging

Use customized designed boxes for the packaging of your candles.

These expertly engineered custom candle packaging boxes enhance the unboxing experience of your client.

Custom candle boxes & candle packaging

The candles are used to enhance the look of the event but custom candle packaging enhances the look of candle packaging and presents them more elegantly in the market. Viveprinting deals in all kinds of custom candle boxes & candle packaging. We ensure that our clients will get these custom candle boxes & packaging at wholesale rates from us.

Explore new styles of custom candle packaging

We will help you out in exploring new ideas and styles for your product packaging. Viveprinting has special expertise in manufacturing custom candle boxes with wholesale printed packaging. We have an online library that will provide a number of designs for the packaging of candles. These custom candle packaging designs provide inspiration to our clients for their boxes. Or they can use any design from these boxes for their product as well.


custom candle boxes by viveprinting

Don’t know what box to choose? Our specialists can help!

Options of materials and coatings for custom candle boxes & packaging at wholesale rates

As one of the biggest manufacturers of custom candle boxes & packaging at wholesale rates in the USA. Viveprinting has a large range of coating and materials for the packaging of candle boxes. Our experts will go through all the aspects of your product and your brand and then come up with suitable solutions for our clients according to their requirements. The material and coatings they proposed to our clients will fit in perfectly with product demands for its packaging and our client budget as well.

One-stop shop solution for custom candle boxes

Viveprinting is one of those companies that provide you with the one stop packaging solutions.

Now you will get all kinds of custom candle boxes with wholesale printed packaging under one roof. The idea behind this concept is to increase the satisfaction level of our clients by providing them best-finished products under one roof.

custom candle packaging - viveprinting

Designing of custom candle boxes & candle packaging

The designing of custom candle packaging plays a very vital role in the branding of these products. Strong packaging design help companies differentiate their product from their competitors on the basis of premium quality packaging designs. Viveprinting has a team of expert graphic designers. They will help out our clients in developing the best custom candle boxes & packaging at wholesale rates.

Personalized candle packaging to enhance the unboxing experience

We use the latest technology to manufacture custom candle boxes with wholesale printed packaging. These machines and technologies enable us to manufacture customized and personalized designs for our clients. We have all the facilities to manufacture personalized candle boxes for our clients under one roof.

Eco-Friendly packaging

Everyone is well aware of non-recycled packaging material’s harmful effects on our planet. So play your part by choosing eco-friendly custom candle packaging material for your products. We have a range of these eco-friendly materials that you can choose for custom candle boxes & candle packaging according to your budget.

Add inserts to increase safety

Use inserts into your custom candle boxes & candle packaging to save them from getting damaged during the shipment process. Viveprinting has all the facilities to develop premium quality inserts according to your product requirement at reasonable rates.

Other candle packaging options