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Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

Custom cosmetic packaging makes sure that companies can display their beauty products more elegantly in the market. Viveprinting deals in all kinds of custom cosmetic packaging USA. But as one of the best custom cosmetic manufacturers in USA, we make sure that our clients will get these boxes at wholesale rates from us.

Explore new custom-cosmetic-packaging styles

Viveprinting has an online design and style library of custom-cosmetic-packaging box styles and designs. That will help our clients to get inspiration for their product packaging. They can also choose a whole style for the packaging of their products. Or they can choose some particular features from different styles and boxes for their packaging design. Our experts will include these features in your cosmetic packaging boxes wholesale design and make sure it will enhance the look of your final packaging.

Viveprinting custom cosmetic packaging manufacturers introduced the concept of One stop shop

We pioneered the one-stop shop idea in the printing and packaging sectors. The idea behind the concept is to provide all the services related to custom-cosmetic-packaging under one roof to every client. It will help us to control the quality of the end product and increase the satisfaction level of our customers related to cosmetic packaging boxes wholesale rates.


Multiple Material and coating options for custom cosmetic packaging USA

As one of the biggest custom cosmetic packaging manufacturers in the USA, we have a range of materials and coatings that you can use for the packaging of your product. The most crucial and challenging step in any printing or packaging job is material selection. Because the selection of material and coating determined the cost of the project. Along with that, it will determine many other factors related to the printing of the packaging as well. That’s why companies required consultation in the selection of material from experts. At Viveprinting we take care of this problem we have a team of experts who will guide and help our clients in the selection of material. They will make sure that the selected material will deliver all the aspects that they required from their packaging. Here we mentioned some materials and coatings for reference.

  • Paper Material
  • Rigid Material
  • Corrugated Material:

Here are some coating options that you can use on the material:

  • Varnishing
  • Lamination
  • UV Coating

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Design custom packaging boxes wholesale with experts in Viveprinting

Viveprinting is one of the largest custom cosmetic manufacturers in the USA. we make sure that our product helps our clients in attracting more customers and increased their sales. That’s why we have a team of expert graphic designers who will help out our clients in developing the best designs of custom cosmetic packaging USA. These people are well equipped with the latest tools and techniques of graphic designing.

Logo Packaging for branding

Custom cosmetic packaging USA with a logo helps companies to differentiate their products from their competitors. We at Viveprinting have all the facilities that are required for the manufacturing of logo cosmetic packaging boxes at wholesale rates

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Viveprinting has a range of eco-friendly custom-cosmetic-packaging materials. That will help our clients in reducing the pollution of this planet by using recyclable packaging products.

Customized size

The smart and customized size of custom cosmetic packaging USA helps companies to get the attention of their clients. We deal in all kinds of custom-sized custom cosmetic packaging USA market.