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Custom Jewelry Packaging

Every woman loves to wear jewelry. It is an essential part of their dressing. This is why they always remain close to their heart. After their usage, they want to keep these products in safe places arranged properly in boxes. In this scenario, custom jewelry packaging boxes are the best option for them.     

Custom jewelry boxes with logos are the need of the hour. Sensitive and expensive jewelry items require extraordinary boxes for packaging to keep them safe. Regular packaging boxes do not have the ability to protect them. They even cannot present them beautifully in the market. Viveprinting deals in all kinds of custom jewelry boxes for its clients. We provide cost-effective packaging solutions to our clients with the best quality.

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Choosing the Right Stock for the Right Design of Custom Jewelry Packaging:

There are different types of stocks are available for their making. It is important to choose the right stock for the right design. Otherwise, the whole struggle will go in vain. Some of the stocks offered by Viveprinting to its customers are.

  •         Cardboard
  •         Corrugated Cardboard
  •         Rigid
  •         Kraft Paperboard

The options are not limited to these stocks only. You can suggest any other stock of your choice as well. Our experts will discuss all the options with you regarding the selection of the right building material for your boxes.

The selection of material for custom jewelry packaging requires extra attention from all companies because the selection of material depends on two main factors. Whether the material you select for the packaging of your custom jewelry boxes support all kind of printing solutions or not.

Secondly, does the chosen material have the ability to provide the necessary protection to the product according to its nature? Therefore, every company does not have expertise in this area. That’s why Viveprinting has a team of experts who have great experience in this field and they will guide you to the right choice of material for your custom jewelry packaging boxes.

Core Strengths of Viveprinting:

We are providing packaging in the USA market to many different clients. We built our reputation as one of the most reliable and trustworthy packaging suppliers in the USA market through our quality products. We are delivering all sorts of packaging solutions to our clients according to their needs and requirements.

Custom Printed Jewelry Boxes:

Printed artwork helps in enhancing the look of a packaging box to a great extent. We offer our clients to get engage with our expert team of designers and share their ideas with them. they will implement those ideas in designing the artwork for their jewelry boxes and converts their visualization into reality. Our team will also guide you about the important features of the artwork. They will add them to your customized artwork after consulting with you.    

Enhance the Unboxing Experience:

Our well-designed custom jewelry boxes with logo help companies enhance the unboxing experience of their clients. We add personalized inserts in our boxes that will provide a surprising factor to your clients at the time of unboxing your product.

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Make Your Product Presentation Tempting Through Custom Jewelry Packaging Boxes:

Most of the time, companies spend a lot of time developing new packaging styles for their products. The research and development process cost them a lot. To save you money and time, we have built an online design library on our website. You can visit this library and get inspiration from them.

These styles are unique, and one style is used by only one client. We do not believe in coping with the styles of others for our clients. Some most utilized designs for jewelry packaging are mentioned below.

 Lid Boxes:

These boxes are designed and styled in many ways. The rigid material is normally used in their making. This material is quite strong by nature. This allows us to make durable jewelry boxes. These boxes keep these fragile products safe and secure. We offer different styles of Lid boxes to our customers like.

  • Fully Telescopic Jewelry Boxes

 The lid of these boxes fully covered the main container. It is also called a 2-piece box.

  • Partial Telescopic Jewelry Boxes

In this style, the lid of the boxes partially covers the main container. You can style the lid in two different ways. An attached lid with the container or a detachable lid. 

  • Bottle-Neck Lid Boxes

In this style, the lid of the boxes is designed to settle on the neck of the boxes. The container shoulders are designed in such a way that they hold the lid on it.

  • Book-style jewelry boxes

The lid of these boxes opens up in the style of a book. They give an amazing look while opening and closing.

  • Magnet closure jewelry boxes

These boxes have a luxurious opening and closing pattern. Their lid stick to the container through magnetic closure. This provides a vibrant feeling to the user.

– Die-Cut Boxes:

These boxes are highly in demand due to their elegant look. When jewelry items are placed in them, they start giving an exquisite look. A window is created in these boxes. This window gives glimpses of the enclosed product. When onlookers see the enclosed product through this window, it stimulates their emotions and forces them to buy the product.

– Custom Jewelry Packaging with Inserts:

The inserts are normally used with the packaging to keep the enclosed product safe. They hold the product properly and do not let it move around in the box. On the other hand, custom jewelry box packaging inserts are used to enhance the beauty of the product. They are designed in such a way that makes the display of jewelry products highly tempting and appealing.


The use of supple stocks brings easy customization options with them. This helps the designers to create difficult shapes and styles of boxes easily. The custom jewelry packaging industry is also a big beneficiary of this feature. We are offering many types of custom jewelry boxes wholesale designs to our customers according to their needs. 

Similarly, you can check our other range of products as well on our website. We are offering a variety of packaging solutions to different industries like custom retail packaging, custom pharmaceutical packaging, and many others.