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Custom Media Packaging

Product packaging creates the first impression in the customer’s mind. Impressive packaging inspires customers to buy a product. This is why brands try to adopt such product packaging designs that catch the customer’s attention instantly. Similarly, all media products require impressive packaging solutions to put a positive impact on the customer’s mind.

Custom media packaging helps companies to present their products more safely and elegantly. We guarantee that all customers will receive these boxes at wholesale prices. State-of-the-art technology allows us to produce these customized packages at affordable prices for small businesses, regardless of order quantity. We never compromise on the quality of boxes to reduce their cost. Therefore, we assure our clients to get high-quality packaging boxes from us.

Economical Choices Reduce Custom Media Packaging Cost:

The choice of material affects the cost of the boxes as well. Every material has a different printing cost. Therefore, select a material that is useful in the designing process and comes with cost-effective printing options. Most companies do not have a clear concept of the technical choice of materials. Therefore, expert advice is necessary for this situation. Get in touch with one of our experts, they will guide you in the best possible way.

We often recommend our clients go with cardstock or cardboard materials for the making of media boxes. These materials are less expensive in comparison to most other materials. With that, they come with easy and convenient printing options. This brings down the cost of custom printed media packaging by a great deal.

custom printed mailer boxes
printed mailer boxes

Select the Right Stock for Custom Media Packaging:

The designing process of any box starts with the selection of material. There is a very simple thing to understand for the manufacturers. The right stock delivers the right boxes. A wrong selection will make useless boxes. Therefore, do not rush in selecting a stock for your product packaging.

It is preferable to do proper research work before selecting any material. This allows you to understand the features of every stock. Once you know the features then it is easy for you to pick the right stock to design your product packaging. It also helps you in producing impactful and effective packaging boxes. The same process implies to the manufacturing of media packaging boxes.

Every stock has numerous different features. You can utilize them while designing your product packaging. Most media products are fragile and delicate by nature. Therefore, they need strong packaging boxes. The boxes keep them safe and secure till they reach the customer’s hand.   

We offer our clients media packaging design services on different stocks. You can select any of them of your choice or you can consult with our experts before selecting any. Some of them are mentioned below.

  •         Rigid material
  •         Corrugated cardboard material
  •         Cardboard material
  •         Kraft paper material

Our capabilities are not limited to these stocks only. You can come up with your stock choice as well. The use of advanced designing technologies and printing methods allows us to design any type of packaging box efficiently.

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Discover New Styles of Media Packaging Solutions:

An ordinary product packed in an innovative and stylish packaging box starts giving a luxurious and precious look. We offer our clients some modern designs and styles of boxes. This helps them in giving their products an amazing look. When customers see these products, they get attracted to them due to their amazing packaging style. This increases the chances of a sale of a product as well.

Most customers assume that the style of a product box defines its worth. Discover new custom print media box packaging designs with Viveprinting. These designs will enhance the worth of your product from the customer’s perspective.

Access new media boxes and designs in one place. You can take inspiration from these styles to create your media packaging, or choose an entire style box for your product packaging. Our custom designing options allow the clients to design their packaging box design as well. You can give them any shape and style of your choice. This allows you to give your media products a dream look.

Customized Printing Options for Custom Media Packaging:

The design of the right artwork is important for any packaging box. The printed artwork on the boxes delivers the first impression to the customer about the enclosed product. Therefore, it should be designed with innovation. It should be comprised of all the important features that a customer wants to see in it.

Some of the most important features to design an artwork for custom media packaging are.

  •         Use brand name and logo in their design.
  •         Use of product images. The images should be of high resolution.
  •         The use of a combination of colors. Try to use bold and sharp colors in your design.
  •         Insert text concerning the image needs. Use an easily readable font in their writing.

Producing custom logo boxes requires more attention and skill. Traditionally, companies have had to rely on the services of different companies to produce original boxes bearing their logo. In past, the printing methods do not allow easy customization options for the designers. This limits their design options. The adoption of advanced designing and printing techniques allows us to provide numerous customization options to our clients. This helps them to get their product boxes with customized artwork conveniently.  

We have introduced the concept of a one-stop service in the packaging industry. The reason for this concept is to allow customers to find all services related to custom packaging under one roof. In this way, we can produce the highest quality custom media packaging.

Customer Support Services:

We have a separate department for customer support services. A team of highly professional people is working on it. They have vast experience working in the packaging industry. If you have any queries related to the manufacturing of your custom media packaging boxes, you can contact them 24/7 anytime. They will provide you with the best piece of advice on all of your queries. This helps you in getting the desired packaging boxes from us whether it is custom retail packaging, custom cannabis packaging, or any other.