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Custom pet packaging

Custom pet packaging helps businesses keep their products fresh and safe longer. Viveprinting offers a wide range of custom pet food packaging options to ensure your customers get the benefits of affordable custom packaging in the United States. Make sure that you get the best custom Pet packaging for your product.

Partner with Viveprinting and you’ll be a pioneer in new types of pet packaging

Discover new designs and styles of custom pet food packaging in Viveprinting’s online library. We have an online library on our website. In this library you will find new box shapes and designs to inspire the design and style of your product boxes. You can choose a ready-made box design from this library to package your product. You can also choose styles and design features from different boxes and let our designers incorporate them into the box design to suit your requirements.

Customized packaging solutions for pet food

Viveprinting was one of the first companies to introduce the concept of a one-stop solution in the printing and packaging industry. The idea behind this concept is to provide customers with all pet food packaging equipment under one roof. Today, the company has all the necessary facilities to produce custom pet packaging. This enables us to provide our customers with the best products at the most affordable prices.

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There are many varieties of pet food packaging made from safe materials

The same goes for custom pet packaging designs. This is because the choice of material determines the cost. In turn, the choice of material influences many printing and packaging elements. However, this is the case when it comes to food packaging, whether for pets or humans. More care needs to be taken when choosing materials. That’s because the materials used in food packaging don’t just wrap and label products. However, they are used to keep food fresh and safe for a long time. As one of the best pet food packaging manufacturers, Viveprinting has a wide range of materials suitable for pet food packaging. Some of these materials are listed below.


  • Kraft paper material
  • corrugated board material
  • cardboard material

Advantages of custom box design with Viveprinting

Custom packaging has many benefits for all industries. The strong design of these custom boxes helps businesses attract more customers. viveprinting has a team of graphic designers that can help clients create the best designs for their product packaging.

Brand identity

Brand identity is one of the main benefits of custom packaging in any industry. This is because custom packaging helps companies to more easily identify their brand in the market and support their competitors.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Another benefit of custom packaging is the benefit to humanity as a whole. Packaging can be made of environmentally friendly materials. This reduces pollution to the earth. Therefore, you can do your part for your product packaging by choosing these materials. viveprinting has a range of eco-friendly materials for food safety at affordable prices.

Other pet food packaging options