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Custom Pharmaceutical Packaging

An efficient packaging solution is a need for every product. It is necessary because it ensures the safe delivery of a product. What do you expect from an efficient pharma packaging box? It should be strong and durable. It should be presentable in front of customers that inspire them to buy the enclosed product with confidence.

Pharmaceutical products have special packaging needs. These products are highly sensitive and subtle. Therefore, they need a packaging box that keeps them in their original form until they reach their destinations. Custom pharmaceutical packaging solutions will allow manufacturers to get the desired quality of packaging boxes for these sensitive products.

We offer our clients all the facilities to build customized pharma packaging solutions under one roof. We deal in different types of stocks. Each stock provides numerous different sorts of customization features while designing the boxes. Our experts will guide you about their features and qualities. They will also recommend one of them to you after analyzing your product packaging needs.

We have a team of professional designers working with us. They are well aware of the ongoing printing trends. They will design artwork for your pharmaceutical box packaging that delivers the right image of the product to the customers. We are providing custom printing facilities to our customers at Viveprinting. This allows you to convert your dreams into realities.

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What do we offer to our customers?

It was difficult for the manufacturers to get their product packaging done in one place. They need to hassle around different companies to finish their product packaging process. At one place they were getting their boxes structure done, at the other place their printing was going on, and the third one is adding some add-ons to give them a finishing touch.

What do we bring to this packaging and printing industry? We are providing all these services to our clients in one place. This brings convenience to them. We are manufacturing the box structures with different stocks.

  •         Cardboard
  •         Corrugated cardboard
  •         Cardstock paper
  •         Kraft paperboard

Our customers have the liberty to choose any stock of their choice and we will make the boxes with it. Once the box structures are done, the next phase comes its printing. You don’t need to worry about it. Our professional designers will generate eye-catching artwork for your pharmaceutical packaging boxes. We will print them on your packaging by utilizing high-tech printing techniques like.

  •         Digital printing
  •         Screen Printing
  •         Flexography
  •         Lithography

We always ensure our customers will get high-quality printing services. This will give their custom pharmaceutical packaging boxes a nice presentable look.

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Styling And Shaping of Custom Pharmaceutical Packaging Boxes:

Every manufacturer tries to give its product a nice look. A well-deign packaging box is the best way to do it. What do we offer to our clients?

We are offering different shapes and styles of boxes to our clients that they can use to give a nice presentable look to their products. You just ask for it and our designers will design it for you. Some in-demand packaging box designs and styles used in the pharmaceutical industry are.

Straight Tuck End Boxes:

These boxes are used for the packaging of small pharmaceutical products like pills, capsules, and others. We offer these boxes in different stocks like cardboard, cardstock, and others. They come with a simple design but are highly effective.

In these boxes, the upper and lower flaps of the boxes are attached to one side of the box either it is the front side or the backside. The slit locks are used to lock these flaps. A simple design but is high in demand due to its convenient packaging design.

Reverse Tuck End Boxes:

They are almost the same type of boxes as the straight tuck end boxes. The only difference in their design is the flap style. In these boxes, the upper flaps of the boxes are attached to the front side of the box and they tuck into the back side of the box. Whereas the bottom flaps are attached to the back side of the box and tucked into the front side of the box.

Auto-lock Bottom Boxes:

They are usually used for the packaging of fragile medicine bottles. These bottles are normally made from glass material and need a packaging box that protects them from breakage. A cardboard box with an auto-lock bottom is the best option for them.

The amazing thing about these boxes is that their bottom automatically gets locked when you organize the box. The only way to insert the glass bottle in them is from the top side. The top of the box comes with a single flap with a slit locking system.

Custom Boxes Design:

We provide an opportunity for our clients to show their creativity skills by collaborating their design ideas with our designers. You can give any desired shape, style, and size to your custom pharmaceutical packaging box.

Custom Printing Options for Custom Pharmaceutical Packaging:

Printing options play a vital role in the success of any pharmaceutical product. Printed pharmaceutical boxes are mostly the only source of information available to the customers at the time of purchase. Most customers get the required information about the product from printed artwork. Therefore, they should be designed carefully.

Some important features of custom pharmaceutical packaging artworks.

  •         It should contain accurate and correct information.
  •         The information should not be doggy or faulty by any means.
  •         Provide information on the salts and ingredients used in the making of a product.
  •         Use clear and readable font styles.
  •         Use images where they are needed.
  •         Add the manufacturing and expiry date of the product.

Customize the artwork with great care and caution. These products are directly related to the health of humans. Therefore, your negligence can cause a huge mishap.

Customer Services and Support:

Our team of customer support services comprises well-trained and professional people. They will guide you in the best possible way so that you can get efficient custom pharmaceutical packaging solutions at economical prices. They are available 24/7 to answer all your queries related to the manufacturing of your product packaging. We provide a wide range of products like custom retail packagingcustom food packaging, and many others. Feel free to contact us through email, call, or customer chat support.