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Cosmetic Packaging

The skincare and cosmetic industry build on the ideal of presentation, elegance, and beauty. That’s why the importance of cosmetics packaging is way different than any other industry. If the products of these companies are not packed in an attractive and elegant packing how could they will sustain the image of the brand in the market. It will impact the sales of products immensely due to bad packaging.

Cosmetics packaging is the strength of We provide the best luxury cosmetics packaging at wholesale prices to our clients. Wholesale stock and custom cosmetic packaging help companies to reduce their price in the market against their competitors.

We deal in all kinds of cosmetics packaging and provide solutions for all kinds of cosmetic product packaging. Viveprinting had a wast range of cosmetic boxes with different shapes, designs, and colors.


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Main Group
Size Available in all Custom Shapes and Sizes.
Colors Full-color CMYK printing process / PMS Pantone colors available.
Stock 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt , 24pt White SBS , C1S, C2S, Kraft Recycled stock, Corrugated (micro-flute, E-flute,3-Ply,5-ply), Coated and uncoated Stocks, Special colour stocks, Rainbow colour card stocks.
Coating options Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV, Soft Touch Lamination
Add on choices Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink.
Shipping Boxes are Shipped Flat but are Pre-Scored and Pre-Glued, easy to Assemble. Free Shipping to the USA
Proofing * Free hard copy proofing available on order over $3000. No risk, review physical sample of your own product before getting full production.

Product packaging is always known for the branding and presentation of products. But cosmetic packaging and its presentable structure and design directly link with the acceptance of the product in the market. If you have a good design for your product it will help to attract new customers and increase the sale of your product.

The cosmetic packaging required extra care not only in printing but also in the selection of material. These products are mostly packed in glass bottles and jars that get damaged easily. That’s why the luxury cosmetic packaging manufacturers put extra effort into developing the packaging for these products. We at make sure to provide the best material and design solutions to our clients. That will help them to fulfill all their packaging requirements.

We at make sure to accommodate all kinds of business. Cosmetic packaging boxes for small businesses at a reasonable price is our strength in the market. We make sure to provide the state of the art services at very reasonable prices for their small quantity orders.

Cosmetics products are available in different sizes and shapes. That’s why they required a different kind of packaging according to the needs of their product. We at Viveprinting had the latest technology that will help us to manufacture all kinds of cosmetic packaging under one roof.

Material selection for Custom Cosmetic Boxes

The selection of material is a very important part of any packaging project. Because the quality and properties of materials define the further progress of a project. The suitability of a material according to the requirements of a product matters a lot. In Custom Cosmetic Boxes, this thing becomes more crucial due to its different product nature.

In general, companies required two main elements from the packing of a product. Bust in custom cosmetic boxes & packaging scenario a third factor is involved that have relevantly more importance than these traditional two elements of packaging material.

Mainly company’s first demand for packaging material is that it will support all kinds of printing techniques on it. Because there is material in the market that is used to pack specific products and do not support all kind of printing techniques on their surface. That’s why companies make sure to choose such material that almost support all kind of printing techniques or at least the required one.

Secondly, companies want to select such material that will keep their product safe during the transport process and shelve placement. For that, they choose such a material type that is strengthening in quality. In cosmetic packaging, this property of material had a place while selecting the material. Because most of the products are sensitive in nature and had higher chances of getting damaged.

But the most important property that a manufacturer is looking for in this process for cosmetic products is whether this material can save the core of our product ingredients in extreme conditions. Because these products can damage due to changes in environmental temperature. That’s why companies make sure to select such packing material that will fulfill this requirement for their products.

Designing services for cosmetic packaging

After the selection of materials for cosmetic packaging, it is very important that it will have an eye-catching design as well. Because the design of a product helps it to create a perception about it in the mind of a customer before unboxing it.

That’s why companies pay special attention to the design details of their product packaging. There are different companies in the cosmetics industry who are developing the same kind of products. In retail stores, these products are placed on the same shelves. Then what will be the deciding factor of purchase for a customer in this scenario?

Obviously, it is the quality of your product packaging and the design of its box. These are the factors that will help the customer to make up their mind about similar products. That’s why we at  Viveprinting provide you best designs for your cosmetic boxes.

We at had a team of expert graphic designers that will help our customers to develop a perfect design for their product packaging. That will aline with the needs of their product and help it to attract new customers.

Standard Printing Quality

The printing quality of our custom cosmetic boxes & packaging is one of a kind. We use the best quality ink for the printing of cosmetic packaging boxes. Because we know the importance of elegant and vibrant colors in the marketing of cosmetic goods. High-quality printing at reasonable rates in cosmetic packaging for small businesses gets more importance. Because they do not have marketing funds like big companies. So they make sure to put all effort into designing and printing their product packaging.

We at Viveprinting make sure to provide the best printing for cosmetic packaging to our clients. For that, we use a combination of high-quality ink and the latest printing machines. The combination of these two things helps us to get the best results at the end of the project.

We also have a design library on our website for cosmetic boxes packaging. That will help to save time and money that is used in Custom cosmetic packaging for small businesses. Because they are competing with big fish in the market that’s why they need solutions that will save their money in the packaging of products. So they can compete with their competitors on the basis of elegant design and less product prices.

Customization of cosmetic packaging

The importance of customization is the same for all kinds of retail goods. But in the case of cosmetic packaging, it gets more important. Because the number of companies dealing in the same kind of cosmetics product in the USA. So, it is very important that you should keep customizing the design, shape, and color of your product from time to time.

It will add a surprising element to custom cosmetic boxes and packaging of your product and keep your customers attentive to the change of your product. It will help your product to stand out in the crowd on the basis of the new customized look of their packaging.

cosmetics packaging for small business - viveprinting cosmetics packaging wholesale - viveprinting

Economical Pricing for cosmetic packaging

Viveprinting makes sure to provide the best wholesale cosmetic packaging to their clients all the time. We know the importance of price competition for our clients. That’s why we make sure to provide luxury cosmetics packaging at wholesale prices to our clients.

That will help them to compete with their clients on the basis of the prices of their products and place their products at a low cost in the market.

Customer Satisfaction is our main goal

One of our core goals is the satisfaction of our customers. We know the importance of a satisfied customer in the printing and packaging industry. A satisfied customer helps us to bring more business than any other marketing strategy. That’s why we make sure to provide our customers best wholesale cosmetics packaging prices and premium products.

We make sure to provide our customers best services for their cosmetics packaging projects at all stages. promises you to have the best shopping experience with us in regard to the printing and packaging of your products.

State of the Art Technology always believes in innovation and customization of the printing and packaging industry. That’s why we always keep on investing in the latest technologies that are required to remain relevant in the market. We make sure that our staff is so well trained with all the required tools that they can help our customers at all stages of their projects. has the best machines for cosmetics packaging that will enable us to manufacture luxury cosmetics packaging at wholesale rates for our clients. We have the ability to manufacture refillable cosmetics packaging for our clients at very reasonable prices.

So, if you are looking for a printing and packaging solution for cosmetics packaging. We are here to help you. Feel free to contact us if you have any queries. We at Vive printing had a team of experts that will help our customers with material selection for their products. These people had waste experience in this field and had the core knowledge about material properties. they will make sure to provide you best material for your product packaging after accessing its needs. Viveprinting is known for its wholesale cosmetics packaging pricing in the USA.

we deal in all kinds of cosmetics packaging plus windowcut boxes, auto lock boxes and product boxes.


Measurement for the density of the paper stock.


Measurement for the thickness of the paper stock.


Fiberboard arches sandwiched between two linerboards.


Material contains a significant percentage of recycled material.


Materal can break down when exposed to light, air, and moisture.


Material can break down into natural components that can become a part of soil.

Plastic Free

Material does not contain any petroleum-based plastics.


Standardized color system for extreme color accuracy when printing.

Flexo Print

Economical option with faster turnaround, ideal for printing higher volumes.


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Jodi Banks
Jodi Banks
Great service from start to finish. Would recommend.
Richard Williams
Richard Williams
I first made an enquiry online, within hours Dexter got in touch to confirm our requirements. After a few email exchanges our box was designed and ready for production. The boxes arrived 6 working days early to what we expected and I am very impressed with quality of print and overall quality of the box. Superb service from start to finish. will now be using Vive Printing for all our box requirements moving forward.
Esther Bello
Esther Bello
My experience with Vive Printing has been fantastic! The customer service is superb, prices are reasonable and the print quality is second to one. I love my packaging boxes and would definitely use them again for future projects.
Jabu Mpofu
Jabu Mpofu
My experience with this company has been good. I was initially assisted by James Victor and from the word go both myself and my bank had reservations over their payment system as you can’t simply pay on their website using your card like most European sites ask you to. Instead they give you their bank details for you to make payment through bank transfer. That was the first thing that made me question their geographical location and I should have trusted my gut instinct. James assured me they are based in the UK and all was well so I proceeded to payment. James kept me informed throughout the process up until my order was shipped …. from Lahore in Pakistan! Yes you read that right! Pakistan. James hadn’t thought to mention that to me, which I must say is rather deceptive in an era of transparency in business. The only way I found out was because DHL texted me that I was to expect 2 packages from OMEGA in Pakistan and as you can imagine I was thinking surely this must be some scam. A quick Google search for vive printing reviews confirmed that it was indeed my shipment as another customer had also complained about this same thing! Up to now James still hadn’t mentioned to me that oh by the way your order will ship from Pakistan. In shock I sent him a couple of emails asking what was going on, he didn’t reply and his colleague by the name of “Mike” replied confirming that yes that was my order and assured me that I wouldn’t be charged for any eventual import fees as vive printing had shipped my order using DDP mode, meaning all Delivery Duties Paid by them. I never heard from James again after that. So in all honesty, their communication is great, the quality of their products is great. I would, in fact, have given them 5 stars had it not been for this minor “big omission” on their part with regards to where their printing and shipping is actually done. As a business owner myself I do know how important transparency is these days, there’s nothing worse than a client feeling as though they have been intentionally deceived! I would order again from them as I’m confident that they will work on being more transparent in future.
Laura Jacobs
Laura Jacobs
Very impressed with the whole process. Justin provided excellent service and the boxes were just what we wanted.
Mark Raines
Mark Raines
A pleasure to work with from start to job finish.
Healthy Living Amsterdam (HealthyLivingAmsterdam)
Healthy Living Amsterdam (HealthyLivingAmsterdam)
Really happy with vive printing - the quality of the boxes are exceptional for the price point. Really recommend working with them. the process was quick and easy and the team are very approachable.
Adam Webster
Adam Webster
Genna Robert
Genna Robert
Great customer assistance and the final products were exactly as we wanted!
Moun K
Moun K
Amazing customer receive, they always reply to my emails quickly . They have the best prices in the UK market. Received my order and my packaging looks so beautiful.