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When it comes to packaging CBD products, the biggest challenge for CBD product-selling businesses is delivering the right message to their customers and gaining their TRUST. If you’re facing a decline in sales, DON’T PANIC – Viveprinting has got you covered! Clear and outstanding branding design, along with the selection of the right packaging box, can effectively deliver your message and help build a legacy of trust with your customers.

CBD-based products must be packaged in special containers. Vape cartridges, vape liquids, and a variety of other CBD items are packaged this way. 

Vive Printing is an expert in all kinds of custom CBD packaging. We offer a wide range of high-quality, custom-made CBD boxes, ensuring that our valuable customers get the best solution for their products. We take pride in being the best in town when it comes to understanding the packaging and printing of custom CBD boxes, all at affordable prices. We built a legacy with clients that speaks for itself. 

Order your custom-printed CBD packaging boxes from Vive Printing, complete with your brand logo, at affordable prices with free shipping.


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Main Group
Size Available in all Custom Shapes and Sizes.
Colors Full-color CMYK printing process / PMS Pantone colors available.
Stock 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt , 24pt White SBS , C1S, C2S, Kraft Recycled stock, Corrugated (micro-flute, E-flute,3-Ply), Coated and uncoated Stocks, Special colour stocks, Rainbow colour card stocks.
Coating options Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV, Soft Touch Lamination
Add on choices Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink.
Shipping Boxes are Shipped Flat but are Pre-Scored and Pre-Glued, easy to Assemble. Free Shipping to the USA
Proofing * Free hard copy proofing available on order over $3000. No risk, review physical sample of your own product before getting full production.

Get Premium Quality CBD Boxes from Vive Printing


If your CBD sales are on a downward slope, fear not! Vive Printing is your beacon of hope. Our mission is twofold: creating crystal-clear branding and selecting the perfect packaging for your business. We understand your needs and are committed to crafting solutions that resonate with your core values.

You’ll be thinking, among the saturated market, why pick us! We are not just serving you with packaging, we are all about dedication and honesty towards our clients! We make sure our custom CBD boxes are up to the mark regarding the government rules and regulations due to their medical importance. And here’s what sets us apart; you can even show off a little hint of your license on your product packaging. That way, people will get to know you’re the real deal!

Hold on, there’s more for you! When you choose our CBD boxes, you’re in command. Due to their customization feature, you can design them the way you want! Vive Printing, with loads of customization features will set your brand stand out and show off your values in the market.

Don’t go anywhere! We have a lot more to tell you! Fasten up your seatbelts and get ready for this rollercoaster ride to know why Viveprinting is the best CBD packaging supplier in the USA!


Major Challenges of CBD Products that Justify Viveprinting is the Right Packaging Partner


  • A Perfect Balance of Safety and Sustainability for Your CBD Products

In the world of packaging, achieving child-resistant safety especially in case of healthcare products often comes at the cost of sustainability. Plastic frequently, meets up the safety standards, but isn’t always the most environmentally conscious choice. At Vive Printing, we understand the challenge. That’s why we are here to offer you a smarter, eco-friendly solution. Our Custom CBD Boxes!

Our approach revolves around the smartly designed CBD packaging that boasts your product safety while taking in account the environment. This means not only is it recyclable, but it also breaks down faster due to a special formula embedded within the material. We’re committed to sustainability without compromising on safety.

Recognizing the limitations in packaging options, we advocate for a more versatile strategy. Our multi-use packaging tackles various objectives simultaneously, minimizing the need for excessive materials.

Unlike conventional options, our packaging serves more than a single purpose. It ensures child-resistant protection while maintaining its utility even after the initial use. This results in less waste and a more responsible approach to packaging.


  • Take Off Your Labeling Game to Great Brand Wins 

Making sure that CBD packaging follows the rules can be a bit tricky due to the different regulations and required labels set by each state or country. Sometimes the packaging needs to be see-through, and it always has to show certain labels required by the state.

To make it easy for your brand, we want to help by creating packaging that gives companies more room to put on labels. This way, the important legal information can be on its own without mixing with the branding. This is essential as the rules keep on changing all the time.

Let me clear you this with a simple example, our boxes are made in a way that they can hold warning labels. You can stick these labels directly on the box or use a wrap or sleeve to go around the box. This means manufacturers can put all the legal stuff on the box, but their branding can cover it up. So, when customers get the box, they can take off the branding and find the legal info, but the brand still looks great on the shelf.


Vive Printing Offers Quality Material for CBD Boxes


First and foremost, someone notices while picking up the product in hand is your package’s material. As a brand you must know how to set the highest quality preferences for your product packaging. Being in the industry for the last many years, we have a lot of experience in manufacturing custom CBD boxes, so you can trust us.

We offer you a wide range of materials for your product’s packaging. Each packaging material has its own features and pain points that set your products in a different way. Among the variety of materials available in the market, you can choose the one that best suits you.


  • CBD Packaging Crafted from Eco-Friendly Materials  

Over time, people are getting conscious about the environment and prefer green and sustainable packaging that serves in the long run. Eco-friendly custom CBD boxes are the perfect choice for the environment as they can be recycled or manufactured from old cardboard materials.

In general, people love to use custom kraft CBD boxes and custom cardboard CBD packaging for CBD products. They keep the products safe and easy to use. Vive Printing makes really good eco-friendly CBD packaging boxes for your brand. We help you make your customers who care about the environment happy.

Also, cardboard CBD boxes wholesale are a great choice to showcase your CBD products in stores. You can make them look nice with different designs on store counters. Cardboard and Kraft paper are not expensive materials. You can get them without worrying too much about spending a lot of money.


  • Safe Shipping of CBD Boxes Wholesale with Corrugated Material

At Vive Printing, we use a special kind of packaging for sending CBD products far away. This packaging has three strong layers that keep the products safe. It’s better at protecting things than other types of packaging because it’s very strong and durable.


  • Customizing Rigid Boxes for Luxury CBD Packaging 

We use a strong material that keeps cannabis products safe. It’s great for luxury, expensive, and delicate CBD items, protecting them from harm. When you pick our special custom CBD boxes, you can get fancy designs and prints that make your potential buyers interested. This strong packaging is also used for CBD gift boxes, which look really nice as presents.


Make a Statement with Quality Printing Techniques


Printing serves as a way to share the core values of your product with customers. This not only enhances the appeal of your custom boxes but also makes them stand out. At Vive Printing, we ensure top-notch printing quality for your custom CBD boxes.


  • Digital Printing

Digital Printing, also known as inkjet printing, is a quick and time-efficient way that involves transferring images or text onto the machine’s surface from a computer file. This method is sustainable and best for small orders. If you’re looking to create printed CBD boxes in limited quantities, digital printing is a smart option.


  • Off-Set Printing

Lithography – referred to as offset printing has gained popularity for bulk printing. It uses a printing plate and works by transferring the image to the plate, then onto a cylinder, and finally onto your boxes. Offset printing is ideal for various pantone colors.

Companies that offer the hemp box and cartridge packaging usually use these CBD gift boxes. Let your brand’s message shine through printing techniques of Vive Printing. Whether it’s small batches through digital printing or large quantities via offset printing, we’ve got your CBD packaging demands covered.


Vive Printing Gears Up Your Sales with Their Custom CBD Boxes


At Vive Printing, we create CBD packaging boxes with logos in custom sizes and shapes. You can get these custom CBD boxes from us at reasonable prices that won’t cost too much. So, you can make your CBD packaging top-notch with our assistance while saving your money. Here are some of the many options you have when you work with us to make your own CBD packaging:


  • Get Custom Size and Shapes for Printed CBD Boxes from Vive Printing

CBD products are like happy packages for people because they have lots of good effects on health. These products can be different shapes and sizes, like long bottles of CBD oil or jars of CBD cream. Each CBD product needs its own special box. We’re the place where you can get exactly the right box for your CBD products. We know how to make custom boxes that are perfect for your products.


  • Custom Designing of CBD Boxes Wholesale

Making special designs for your boxes is important to make your products stand out. You can make your CBD product boxes just the way you want. But when you work with us, you get lots of different designs and styles for your CBD boxes wholesale. This means you can pick the one that fits how you want your products to look.


  • Special Finishing Options Make Your Products Stand Out

We help you pick the perfect extra touch of finishing choices to make your product packaging look great. We can make your cannabis product boxes attractive by choosing a special way to finish them that makes buyers interested. We might use bright colors on your custom CBD boxes to make them really special. These boxes make your products stand out from others in stores.

We put different fancy finishing choices on your custom CBD packaging boxes. These fancy things include shiny or dull finishing, making designs go in or out, making lucrative catchy designs, putting the foiling, making windows, and more. These extra little efforts make the CBD boxes look wonderful and catch people’s attention.

Enjoy Discounts Offers with Vive Printing on CBD Products


Thinking of ordering CBD boxes in bulk quantities? We have got something very cool and worth availing for you with our CBD boxes wholesale offer! The larger the order is, the more you save. It’s like getting a deal while making sure your CBD products get lots of attention.

For larger companies looking for bulk deals, we offer a variety of affordable packages. You can choose the deal that suits your needs best, and we ensure that your budget is respected. Our bulk cardboard and corrugated boxes guarantee the utmost protection for your products.

For retail and display needs, we excel in providing top-notch CBD display boxes and retail options for your business. Our captivating designs and craftsmanship enhance the visual appeal of your products on the counters.

You can either select from our designs or collaborate with us to choose the right colors and styles. We pay close attention to your customization requests to create the perfect box for your items. If you prefer showcasing your products directly in retail packaging, we’ve got you covered.

Our designs are tailored to quickly catch your customers’ attention. Simply provide us with your logo, company name, and other essential details for printing, and we’ll ensure they are beautifully displayed on your retail boxes.

Why Choose Vive Printing Services for Your Brand?


When it comes to packaging your CBD products, we are here with our amazing custom CBD packaging boxes. Still thinking why should you prefer our services over others in the market? No worries! As you are investing in your brand, it’s your right to be satisfied with every single choice and step. We are here to answer all your questions and satisfy you with our services.

Quick and Smart Order Turnaround


Are you interested in purchasing CBD oil boxes in bulk? We understand that time is valuable to you. As a top-notch packaging company, we pride ourselves on providing a quick turnaround time of just 5-7 business days, two weeks, or even less. Order your wholesale CBD packaging boxes today and enjoy significant savings while getting your packaging quickly.

Professional Approach for Our Clients


We take professionalism seriously. Our team consists of honest and dependable individuals who are dedicated to delivering professional, friendly, and top-quality assistance to meet and exceed our customers’ needs. Our printed CBD boxes are meticulously manufactured, ensuring superior protection and safe delivery of your products, even during long-distance shipping.

Pocket Friendly Services for You!


Searching for cost-effective packaging solutions? Our affordable CBD boxes are an excellent choice for commercial retailers and distributors. We offer personalized boxes with or without windows, all with low minimum order quantities.

By choosing our packaging, you can create a distinct brand identity that adds both protection and a professional touch to your products. With a wide range of box styles, colors, and sizes, you can find the perfect fit for all your items, whether it’s pies, cakes, or pastries.

Superior Quality is Our Motto


Looking for a packaging company that goes the extra mile? We offer free die-cutting services along with low minimums and setup fees, available worldwide. Our top-quality, budget-friendly CBD packaging boxes are the ultimate solution for showcasing your CBD products.

With years of experience in the industry, we’ve served numerous clients globally. Now, we’re ready to bring our expertise to assist you in creating the perfect packaging for your products.

Experience the Difference


When you choose our custom CBD packaging boxes, you’re choosing more than just packaging. You’re choosing sustainability, speed, professionalism, affordability, and outstanding quality. Your CBD products deserve packaging that reflects their value and uniqueness.

Our packaging solutions are carefully crafted to enhance your brand’s appeal and ensure your products reach your customers in pristine condition. Join the ranks of our satisfied clients from around the world and elevate your packaging game with us.

Let our expertise guide you in finding the perfect packaging that matches your products’ excellence. We’re excited to collaborate with you and deliver packaging that makes a lasting impression.



What is CBD?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a compound found in hemp praised for its therapeutic properties. It comes in various forms like oils, topicals, edibles etc.

Why does CBD come in boxes?

Boxes protect CBD products during transit and storage. They also enable compliant labeling that informs customers. Boxes block light to prevent CBD degradation.

What types of CBD boxes are there?

There are cardboard, rigid, folding, plastic and metal CBD boxes. Oils often come in rigid boxes while edibles get folding boxes. Materials suit the product.

Should CBD boxes be child-resistant?

Yes, CBD boxes with ingestible products need child-resistant features like special tabs and locks per safety rules. This prevents accidental consumption.

How are CBD boxes labeled/designed?

CBD boxes require labeling with ingredients, weight, usage, and more. Disclaimers about FDA approval are mandatory too. Designs align with branding.

What should CBD labels have?

CBD labels need manufacturer details, ingredients, weight, warnings, FDA disclaimer, batch number, expiration, suggested use and a barcode. This fully informs customers.

What materials are CBD boxes made from?

CBD boxes use paperboard, cardboard, and rigid plastics thick enough to protect contents. Some have coatings and lamination for an attractive look. Materials must suit the contents.

Can you recycle empty CBD boxes?

Usually yes, as many CBD boxes are cardboard. Plastics and coatings may need removal first. Check local regulations as some centers reject CBD packaging.

Should CBD shipping be discreet?

Discreet, unmarked CBD shipping protects privacy and avoids assumptions the box contains cannabis. It keeps legal CBD products confidential.

How can CBD boxes stand out?

Unique shapes, striking graphics, embossed logos and specialty finishes like soft-touch make CBD boxes stand out. Custom pantone colors also build brand identity.


Measurement for the density of the paper stock.


Measurement for the thickness of the paper stock.


Fiberboard arches sandwiched between two linerboards.


Material contains a significant percentage of recycled material.


Materal can break down when exposed to light, air, and moisture.


Material can break down into natural components that can become a part of soil.

Plastic Free

Material does not contain any petroleum-based plastics.


Standardized color system for extreme color accuracy when printing.

Flexo Print

Economical option with faster turnaround, ideal for printing higher volumes.


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Jodi Banks
Jodi Banks
Great service from start to finish. Would recommend.
Richard Williams
Richard Williams
I first made an enquiry online, within hours Dexter got in touch to confirm our requirements. After a few email exchanges our box was designed and ready for production. The boxes arrived 6 working days early to what we expected and I am very impressed with quality of print and overall quality of the box. Superb service from start to finish. will now be using Vive Printing for all our box requirements moving forward.
Esther Bello
Esther Bello
My experience with Vive Printing has been fantastic! The customer service is superb, prices are reasonable and the print quality is second to one. I love my packaging boxes and would definitely use them again for future projects.
Jabu Mpofu
Jabu Mpofu
My experience with this company has been good. I was initially assisted by James Victor and from the word go both myself and my bank had reservations over their payment system as you can’t simply pay on their website using your card like most European sites ask you to. Instead they give you their bank details for you to make payment through bank transfer. That was the first thing that made me question their geographical location and I should have trusted my gut instinct. James assured me they are based in the UK and all was well so I proceeded to payment. James kept me informed throughout the process up until my order was shipped …. from Lahore in Pakistan! Yes you read that right! Pakistan. James hadn’t thought to mention that to me, which I must say is rather deceptive in an era of transparency in business. The only way I found out was because DHL texted me that I was to expect 2 packages from OMEGA in Pakistan and as you can imagine I was thinking surely this must be some scam. A quick Google search for vive printing reviews confirmed that it was indeed my shipment as another customer had also complained about this same thing! Up to now James still hadn’t mentioned to me that oh by the way your order will ship from Pakistan. In shock I sent him a couple of emails asking what was going on, he didn’t reply and his colleague by the name of “Mike” replied confirming that yes that was my order and assured me that I wouldn’t be charged for any eventual import fees as vive printing had shipped my order using DDP mode, meaning all Delivery Duties Paid by them. I never heard from James again after that. So in all honesty, their communication is great, the quality of their products is great. I would, in fact, have given them 5 stars had it not been for this minor “big omission” on their part with regards to where their printing and shipping is actually done. As a business owner myself I do know how important transparency is these days, there’s nothing worse than a client feeling as though they have been intentionally deceived! I would order again from them as I’m confident that they will work on being more transparent in future.
Laura Jacobs
Laura Jacobs
Very impressed with the whole process. Justin provided excellent service and the boxes were just what we wanted.
Mark Raines
Mark Raines
A pleasure to work with from start to job finish.
Healthy Living Amsterdam (HealthyLivingAmsterdam)
Healthy Living Amsterdam (HealthyLivingAmsterdam)
Really happy with vive printing - the quality of the boxes are exceptional for the price point. Really recommend working with them. the process was quick and easy and the team are very approachable.
Adam Webster
Adam Webster
Genna Robert
Genna Robert
Great customer assistance and the final products were exactly as we wanted!
Moun K
Moun K
Amazing customer receive, they always reply to my emails quickly . They have the best prices in the UK market. Received my order and my packaging looks so beautiful.