Custom Rigid Boxes


If you’re struggling to provide a luxurious and protective unboxing experience, consider comprising custom rigid boxes into your packaging strategy. These boxes not only add a layer of exceptional quality protection but also build an outstanding brand image with elite and trending designs. Whether you are selling Luxury Goods and Retail, electronic products, Food and Beverages etc, and want luxurious touch to boost 2x your sales.

We at Vive Printing, deal in a wide range of rigid boxes with a variety of designing and material choices depending upon your product requirements. Our printed rigid boxes not only showcase elegant designs but also provide great protection, showcasing your dedication to quality. 

Vive Printing is among the best rigid box manufacturers and suppliers in the USA. So, don’t let this golden opportunity slip through your fingers – make it yours today!

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Custom Rigid Boxes


If you’re struggling to provide a luxurious and protective unboxing experience, consider comprising custom rigid boxes into your packaging strategy. These boxes not only add a layer of exceptional quality protection but also build an outstanding brand image with elite and trending designs. Whether you are selling Luxury Goods and Retail, electronic products, Food and Beverages etc, and want luxurious touch to boost 2x your sales.

We at Vive Printing, deal in a wide range of rigid boxes with a variety of designing and material choices depending upon your product requirements. Our printed rigid boxes not only showcase elegant designs but also provide great protection, showcasing your dedication to quality. 

Vive Printing is among the best rigid box manufacturers and suppliers in the USA. So, don’t let this golden opportunity slip through your fingers – make it yours today!


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    Stacey Kotlar

    2 months ago

    We are repeat customers who will continue to be. We have had 3 different packaging boxes printed. Mike has helped us troubleshoot our design to make it the best possible outcome. The customer service is great. The delivery is on time.

    Ariet Opolo

    1 month ago

    I found viveprinting online and I was afraid at first cus I didn’t know if it was legit. I did the whole process via email, James was amazing at communicating with me. Always replying back quickly and when I needed changes made, it was always easy to talk to him.

    BRL Garduno

    5 months ago

    I was very happy with Viveprinting. Justin was friendly. He gave me a great deal. His communication was prompt and informative. We ordered custom sized boxes, and they were good quality and fast to arrive. I highly recommend Viveprinbting.

    Ligia Baptista

    5 months ago

    Working with Paul Cooper was seamless and a pleasure. I placed an order for white boxes with a large window. Boxes are a great quality and look beautiful. Would definitely work with Paul again on our next box order. Highly recommend!

    Rob Cosman

    4 months ago

    Very helpful staff, assisted all along the way. Only improvement was that they required full payment before any sampling could be produced, which locked me in to them as a manufacturer. Not that that was a problem, it just could have posed an issue.

    Brent Kobayashi

    6 months ago

    We ordered custom boxes and were extremely satisfied with the quality of the print, material, and construction of the product.
    The service was also top notch. Justin made it very simple for us to provide feedback to get the boxes customized exactly how we wanted.

    Jordan Maxey

    a week ago

    We used Vive Printing for a last minute job for a client and they were amazing. Dominic was super helpful and the boxes we had printed came out perfectly and arrived on time.

    Cristin Isa

    a week ago

    Dominic was extremely helpful in the entire process for our order.
    Excellent quality! Very quick, great price! Professionally done! Highly recommended.

    Google rating score: 4.8/ 5

    Custom Rigid Boxes – Get a Premium Customer Experience

    Serving the customers with the best possible solution is the main goal of every brand. This not only boosts up your customers’ trust in you but also ultimately leads to a hefty revenue at the day end. 

    We at Vive Printing offer the best quality printed rigid boxes that not only protect the products during shipment but also warmly opens the gateway for manufacturers in serving customizable rigid packaging according to the products they are selling in the market. 

    So if you are looking for custom rigid boxes to elevate your product presentation you are at the right place! Printed rigid boxes are more than a simple packaging for ensuring the product safety. They exceptionally deliver a premium customer experience that resonates with the brand and the product itself.

    You’ll think I might be exaggerating this, but our commitment to quality ensures that each rigid box is a masterpiece, a blend of sturdy material with a touch of modern aesthetics. 

    By smartly analyzing the needs of your customer and the product, bringing up a sophisticated design for printed rigid boxes reflects the value you place on both your product and your customers. So, choose from a range of sizes, styles, and finishes to align with your brand identity.

    What are Rigid Boxes?

    Rigid boxes – also known as set up boxes are four times thicker than those regular cardboard boxes that add up to their product protecting strength. The foremost reason to opt for these packaging boxes is whether you are talking of the fragile items or the heavier products, both require extra protection and care during shipment. 

    That’s why rigid packaging is designed in a way for strengthening the material that will be further responsible for holding and showcasing the item inside it. Being manufactured from either paperboard or cardboard, it is 36 to 120 pounds thick and covered with printable paper. 

    The nature of material thickness completely depends on the product nature. These features add a luxurious touch to the product and bring back the customers for more orders. We at Viveprinting offer custom rigid boxes in both forms, either magnetic closure or collapsible rigid boxes

    Our experts manufacture rigid boxes wholesale with high-quality materials while taking in account the variety of styles and printing choices depending upon the nature of the product.

    • Collapsible Rigid Boxes

    Introducing our innovative collapsible rigid boxes – a perfect blend of convenience and sophistication for your packaging needs. These cutting-edge boxes offer a unique solution that combines the sturdiness of traditional rigid boxes with the added advantage of space-saving collapsibility.

    Crafted with precision, our collapsible rigid boxes are designed to make a lasting impression. Once you have fully assembled these boxes, they exhibit the full power, durability and elegance that one expects from those old traditional boxes.

    However, what sets them apart is their ability to effortlessly fold flat when not in use, conserving valuable storage space during transportation and storage. With a simple foldable mechanism, you can easily transform these rigid boxes wholesale into a flat structure within seconds.

    This convenience not only saves you space but also simplifies the packing process, making it more efficient for your business. Explore the future of packaging with our collapsible rigid boxes – where practicality meets contemporary design.

    • Magnetic Closure Rigid Boxes 

    Designed with both practicality and aesthetics in mind, our magnetic closure rigid boxes provide a hassle-free yet luxurious way to package your products. These remarkable boxes offer a seamless fusion of secure closure and stylish presentation, redefining your packaging experience.

    The magnetic closure ensures a secure seal, keeping your items safe during transit or display, while adding a touch of sophistication to your brand. Ideal for various occasions, from retail presentations to gift packaging, our magnetic closure printed rigid boxes offer a versatile solution that caters to your diverse needs.

    Their easy-to-use design makes them a preferred choice for both businesses and individuals looking to create a lasting impact. Crafted to impress, these boxes are a testimony to modern packaging innovation. The magnetic closure mechanism not only enhances the user experience but also adds an element of surprise and delight when unveiling the contents within.

    We at Vive Printing deal in all kinds of rigid boxes but have special expertise in the production of these magnetic boxes. That is why we provide the best pricing for rigid gift boxes in the wholesale category.

    Material Choices for Rigid Boxes Manufacturing

    When the packaging material reflects high quality, it sends a distinct signal to consumers. This communicates a sense of dedication from the brand – if they prioritize packaging, they’re likely to prioritize the product itself. 

    The utilization of custom rigid boxes aligns seamlessly with the current market trend, underlining why businesses opt for them to present their products to customers. These custom rigid boxes are crafted using diverse materials, tailored to the nature of the item they will hold. 

    This choice in packaging defines the commitment of providing the best for the product being delivered. Usually, the material used for rigid box manufacturing include:

    • Paperboard
    • Duplex board
    • Chipboard


    Our primary choice for crafting rigid boxes is paperboard. However, it’s not the most commonly used material due to its lack of water resistance, which can cause it to weaken when exposed to water.

    If you opt for paperboard as your rigid box material, employing three layers of coating can enhance its protective qualities. This extra protection, though, comes with an additional cost.

    Duplex Board

    Next on the list is a duplex board, which possesses a grey tone on both sides. The outer side boasts a glossy finish, while the inner side features a muted grey shade. These types of printed rigid boxes are frequently favored by pharmaceutical companies and garment brands. For brands seeking impeccable printing quality on their packaging, duplex boxes are an ideal choice, ensuring products are presented flawlessly upon delivery.


    Chipboard stands out as an exceptional material for crafting custom rigid boxes. Typically crafted from recycled corrugated cardboard or newspaper, these boxes exhibit robustness capable of accommodating heavyweight items. Brands often favor this option for its affordability and reliable safeguarding against damage, even during transit.

    What Variety of Custom Rigid Boxes Styles We Offer?

    Being in the industry for the past many years, VivePrinting offers a wide range of styling opportunities in the rigid packaging category. Apart from the simple collapsible and magnetic closure lids available in custom rigid boxes, there are a lot more options available for the products. Some of them are:

    • Drawer Rigid Box

    Discover the elegance of our drawer rigid box, also known as a slide box. With its innovative sliding tray that effortlessly fits into an outer sleeve, this design ensures convenient access to your cherished items. Ideal for products requiring frequent handling or display.

    • Shoulder Neck Rigid Box

    Elevate your packaging solutions with our shoulder neck rigid box. This design boasts an added shoulder for enhanced support and protection. Crafted to safeguard delicate or hefty items, providing utmost cushioning and stability during transit.

    • Hinged Lid Rigid Box

    Experience sophistication redefined through our hinged lid rigid box. It is a perfect choice for premium presentations, catering to luxury jewelry, upscale electronics, and beyond.

    • Book Style Rigid Box

    Mirroring the charm of a hardcover book, book style rigid box elegantly unfolds to reveal the treasures within. An exceptional choice for distinctive presentations, tailored to high-end stationery, personalized photo albums, and more.

    A Wide Assortment of Designs for Custom Rigid Boxes

    The canvas for designing for custom rigid boxes is beyond the horizon. They offer a huge range of customization to cope up the client’s demands. Where you are concerned about the shape, size or the color of the product box, worry not!

    We are here to serve you with the best we have. Enhance the presentation with exquisite add-ons like Ribbons or bows – the choice is yours. Discover the world of possible designs with an extra touch of elegance.

    But this is not the end of the story! Apart from the designing categories, our experts here come with the advanced techniques to transform these boxes into captivating works of art, leaving a lasting impression.

    The finer details matter, which is why we offer an array of finishing touches and embellishments. From magnetic closures to delicate threads, and opulent gold and silver foiling – these elements not only enhance the allure but also shield your product from harm.

    Get Top Quality Printing for Greater Exposure

     Packaging boxes with bland colors are not everyone’s cup of tea! To amuse people, you not only need a mix of bright and vivid colors, instead, you must know how to play smartly with colors to bring up the customers on board.

    Several add-on options enhance the appearance and functionality of rigid boxes wholesale. You can customize these boxes with a wide array of printing options available, including:

    • Embossing or Debossing
    • Foil Stamping
    • Spot UV
    • Varnish
    • Matte Lamination
    • Gloss Lamination

    Collaborate with us today to avail the top-notch printing techniques for your custom rigid boxes within an affordable budget on time.

    Save Up Your Budget with Rigid Boxes Wholesale

    If you are satisfied with everything, whether the material or the printing strategies, but you are stuck at the budget! Do not be hopeless! We often hear, great things always come with a price but you know what, sometimes you can avail these with a little money.

    At Vive Printing, you can avail excellent opportunities regarding the budget of your orders! Whether you are in need of a small or bulk order, do not hesitate to contact us. Our rigid boxes wholesale option offers cost-effective solutions for businesses seeking high-quality packaging.

    Enjoy benefit from bulk pricing without sacrificing excellence. Your budget-friendly choice doesn’t mean you miss out on durability and visual appeal. Elevate your brand’s image without straining your finances. Choose rigid boxes wholesale and unlock a world of packaging possibilities that balance your budget and your vision.

    Our Promise to Deliver Perfection in Time – Grab the Best Offer Now!

    Embrace our commitment to punctuality and excellence – introducing our promise of timely perfection with custom rigid boxes. Seize the opportunity and unlock the best offer available now for your rigid packaging!

    We prioritize delivering your vision on schedule, without compromise. With us, your deadlines are as important as the quality of our products. Don’t miss out on this chance and elevate your packaging experience with our exceptional services today.



    What are rigid boxes made of?

    Rigid boxes are typically constructed from materials like cardboard, plastic, wood, or metal to make sturdy, inflexible containers.

    How are rigid boxes used for packaging and shipping?

    Rigid boxes help keep products securely contained and protected during transport because they don’t bend or flex easily.

    What closure options are available for rigid boxes?

    Common closures include tape, staples, hot melt glue, box joints, and lid flaps with locking tabs or slots.

    What sizes and shapes do rigid boxes come in?

    Popular options include cubes, rectangles, sleeves, trays, and dividers available in many standard sizes as well as custom dimensions.

    Are rigid boxes reusable and recyclable?

    Yes, rigid boxes are typically reusable and many are made from recyclable materials like cardboard and certain plastics.

    Are rigid boxes suitable for fragile shipments?

    Yes, their rigid structure helps prevent damage to fragile contents if properly packed with protective internal padding.

    Can rigid boxes be customized for products?

    Many suppliers offer custom printing and sizing for rigid boxes so they securely fit specific product shapes and branding needs.

    How are rigid boxes sealed for tamper-evident security?

    Tamper-evident tape, numbered security seals, and one-time closure flaps help indicate if a rigid box has been opened.

    What are common uses for rigid boxes?

    They are used for retail packaging, food & beverage containers, industrial parts, and mailing/shipping durable goods.

    How do prices for rigid boxes compare to flexible packaging?

    Rigid boxes tend to cost more than flexible pouches or bags but provide greater protection.


    Main Group
    Size Available in all Custom Shapes and Sizes.
    Colors Full-color CMYK printing process / PMS Pantone colors available.
    Stock 1000 GSM Rigid Stock, 1200 GSM Rigid Stocks, 1400 GSM Rigid Stocks, 1600 GSM Rigid Stocks, Special colour stocks, Rainbow Colour card stocks.
    Coating options Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV, Soft Touch Lamination
    Add on choices Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink.
    Shipping Boxes are Shipped Flat but are Pre-Scored and Pre-Glued, easy to Assemble. Free Shipping to the USA
    Proofing * Free hard copy proofing available on order over $3000. No risk, review physical sample of your own product before getting full production.


    Measurement for the density of the paper stock.


    Measurement for the thickness of the paper stock.


    Fiberboard arches sandwiched between two linerboards.


    Material contains a significant percentage of recycled material.


    Materal can break down when exposed to light, air, and moisture.


    Material can break down into natural components that can become a part of soil.

    Plastic Free

    Material does not contain any petroleum-based plastics.


    Standardized color system for extreme color accuracy when printing.

    Flexo Print

    Economical option with faster turnaround, ideal for printing higher volumes.


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