Tuck Boxes


Facing backlash or customer complaints about your products not arriving in perfect condition, Then Vive printing provides Best Tuck Boxes Packaging and Printing Solution. These are perfect to protect your products and put a smile on your customers’ faces. Using tuck boxes can help you increase your sales and make your customers more likely to do business with you again.

These are very popular among ecommerce businesses like cosmetics, jewellery,electronics, food, pharmaceuticals, gift items, toys and more. Because these are durable, protective, easy to assemble, customizable and cost-effective.

Be proud. Be creative, be professional. Don’t settle for the same tired packaging your competitors are using! Now you can create custom e-commerce products that stand out with tuck boxes from Vive Printing!

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Tuck Boxes


Facing backlash or customer complaints about your products not arriving in perfect condition, Then Vive printing provides Best Tuck Boxes Packaging and Printing Solution. These are perfect to protect your products and put a smile on your customers’ faces. Using tuck boxes can help you increase your sales and make your customers more likely to do business with you again.

These are very popular among ecommerce businesses like cosmetics, jewellery,electronics, food, pharmaceuticals, gift items, toys and more. Because these are durable, protective, easy to assemble, customizable and cost-effective.

Be proud. Be creative, be professional. Don’t settle for the same tired packaging your competitors are using! Now you can create custom e-commerce products that stand out with tuck boxes from Vive Printing!


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    Stacey Kotlar

    2 months ago

    We are repeat customers who will continue to be. We have had 3 different packaging boxes printed. Mike has helped us troubleshoot our design to make it the best possible outcome. The customer service is great. The delivery is on time.

    Ariet Opolo

    1 month ago

    I found viveprinting online and I was afraid at first cus I didn’t know if it was legit. I did the whole process via email, James was amazing at communicating with me. Always replying back quickly and when I needed changes made, it was always easy to talk to him.

    BRL Garduno

    5 months ago

    I was very happy with Viveprinting. Justin was friendly. He gave me a great deal. His communication was prompt and informative. We ordered custom sized boxes, and they were good quality and fast to arrive. I highly recommend Viveprinbting.

    Ligia Baptista

    5 months ago

    Working with Paul Cooper was seamless and a pleasure. I placed an order for white boxes with a large window. Boxes are a great quality and look beautiful. Would definitely work with Paul again on our next box order. Highly recommend!

    Rob Cosman

    4 months ago

    Very helpful staff, assisted all along the way. Only improvement was that they required full payment before any sampling could be produced, which locked me in to them as a manufacturer. Not that that was a problem, it just could have posed an issue.

    Brent Kobayashi

    6 months ago

    We ordered custom boxes and were extremely satisfied with the quality of the print, material, and construction of the product.
    The service was also top notch. Justin made it very simple for us to provide feedback to get the boxes customized exactly how we wanted.

    Jordan Maxey

    a week ago

    We used Vive Printing for a last minute job for a client and they were amazing. Dominic was super helpful and the boxes we had printed came out perfectly and arrived on time.

    Cristin Isa

    a week ago

    Dominic was extremely helpful in the entire process for our order.
    Excellent quality! Very quick, great price! Professionally done! Highly recommended.

    Google rating score: 4.8/ 5

    Tuck Boxes – All-in-One Solution for Your Ecommerce Business!


    Running an ecommerce business but your customers are not satisfied with your services? See where are you lacking??? Ohhhh! The products are perfect but packaging can’t protect them or your boxes get unnoticed on the shelves! It’s not a problem that can never be solved! Switch to tuck boxes today… These magic boxes are in-demand in the market as they come with all-in-one solution for any ecommerce business! 

    Custom tuck boxes not only protect your products to the very end of their journey but also add up to your brand image by setting your products high apart from your competitors. Ultimately, it will lead to sales resulting in high ROI and here you go! Flying high in the air leaving your competitors all behind! 

    Vive Printing is among the top printing and packaging companies serving all across the USA! With their wide range of packaging boxes, they have assisted several brands setting the standards high in the market! Still unsure whether to collaborate with them or not??? Continue reading and you’ll surely make a decision at the end! 


    Discover Our Wide Range of Wholesale Tuck Boxes!


    Our tuck packaging boxes have become the top choice for brands, thanks to their user-friendly interface that provides customers with convenient access to their products. These boxes come in various styles, each catering to different needs and preferences. Let’s explore the options:

    Retail Demands Reverse Tuck End Boxes


    Reverse tuck end boxes are a prime example of simplicity meeting functionality. These versatile boxes are suitable for both retail and wholesale applications, making them perfect for cosmetics, gifts, mobile accessories, dry food items, and more.

    They are typically rectangular in shape and are shipped flat, ready for easy assembly. The reverse tuck end design ensures that your products are securely packaged while remaining accessible to your customers.

    Straight Tuck End Boxes – Ideal for Retail Industry


    Unlike reverse tuck boxes, the straight tuck end boxes offer a simple opening and closing mechanism, requiring a simple linear motion. This can be effortlessly executed using both hands or machinery, ensuring your products are not only secure but also easily accessible. These boxes are ideal for packing food items, cosmetics, electronics, and a wide range of other products.

    Custom Tuck Top Auto Bottom Boxes


    Our custom tuck top auto bottom boxes are incredibly easy to handle. They feature flexible folding options, and we offer a variety of layouts to accommodate different sizes, giving you multiple choices for your packaging needs. These boxes have a unique appearance that appeals to customers and can be customized to enhance your brand’s visibility.

    Custom Tuck Top Mailer Boxes – Ecommerce Choice


    If you’re in the e-commerce business, our tuck top mailers are a game-changer. They come in captivating styles and can be creatively used to boost your brand’s visibility. With various design possibilities, these boxes are a valuable asset to your packaging strategy, ensuring that your products are not only well-protected but also leave a lasting impression on your customers.

    Easy to Go Roll Over Tuck End Boxes


    Assembling a roll over tuck end box is a breeze – no adhesive required! A simple piece of tape or a label can effectively hold the spout in place, and a thumb cutout allows for easy customer access. This design is slightly quicker to assemble compared to other types. To add a touch of elegance, consider embellishing any of these tuck end or bottom box designs.

    At Vive Printing, we take pride in offering a wide range of printed tuck boxes that cater to your specific needs. Whether you need secure and accessible packaging for cosmetics, electronics, food items, or gifts, we have the perfect solution for you.

    Our customizable options and creative designs will not only protect your products but also elevate your brand’s image. Choose from our selection of tuck boxes packaging and experience the convenience and functionality they bring to your packaging strategy.

    Look Trendy and Fashionable with Quality Materials for Tuck Boxes Packaging


    At Vive Printing, we understand that the choice of materials is crucial when it comes to creating custom tuck boxes. We offer a variety of materials to ensure your tuck style packaging meets your specific needs.


    • Paperboard – Hot Topic of the Tuck Industry

    Paperboard is a popular choice for crafting tuck boxes. It’s a versatile material that offers a perfect balance of strength and weight. Our paperboard tuck boxes are lightweight, making them an ideal choice for various applications.

    Additionally, they are biodegradable, contributing to an eco-friendlier packaging solution. Brands can benefit from the cost-efficiency of paperboard while knowing they are making a responsible choice for the environment.


    • Cardboard and Kraft are Second to None for Tuck Box Packaging

    For tuck top boxes, cardboard and kraft materials are top-notch options. These materials are known for their durability and ability to provide excellent protection to your products during storage, handling, and shipping.

    Cardboard, in particular, is a heavyweight champion when it comes to safeguarding your items. Both cardboard and kraft are not only robust but also environmentally friendly, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions.

    Choosing environmentally friendly materials like paperboard, cardboard, or kraft for your custom tuck box packaging sends a powerful message. It depicts your commitment to preserving the environment and appeals to eco-conscious buyers who prioritize sustainability. It goes beyond just packaging; it enhances your brand’s worth, reputation, and customer base, ultimately boosting your sales.

    Make a responsible and impactful choice with our eco-friendly and custom-printed tuck box packaging. At Vive Printing, we offer a wide range of material options to suit your unique requirements. Elevate your brand by aligning with sustainability and attract conscious consumers who appreciate your commitment to a greener future. It’s not just about packaging; it’s about making a positive difference.

    Vive Printing – Best Printing Services All Across the USA for Tuck Boxes Products


    We, at Vive Printing, know that custom tuck boxes play a pivotal role in showcasing retail products on the shelves of stores, whether it’s a local retail shop or a bustling supermarket. The significance of these boxes lies not only in their ability to protect the contents, as seen in our reliable kraft reverse tuck end boxes, but also in their power to promote brands effectively in the market.

    We recognize that flawless printing is the key to making an impact. It’s the first impression your product creates in the mind of the consumer before they even open it. Imagine a shelf filled with similar products; in such a scenario, the quality of printing and materials becomes a deciding factor for the customer.

    This is precisely why, at Vive Printing, we never compromise on the printing quality of our packaging materials. We are committed to using high-quality ink for all our printing needs. However, we go a step further by investing in state-of-the-art printing machinery. It’s the combination of top-notch ink and advanced printing technology that empowers us to deliver the best-printed tuck boxes to our valued clients. These boxes, in turn, become powerful tools to boost product sales.

    Whether you’re in need of custom tuck end boxes or seeking wholesale packaging solutions in the USA, Vive Printing offers them at highly competitive prices. We believe that quality should never come at the expense of affordability, and our commitment to reasonable pricing reflects this philosophy.

    Choose Viveprinting for your tuck box needs, and rest assured that our dedication to superior printing and packaging quality will elevate your product’s presence in the market, ultimately driving sales and creating a lasting impression. Your brand’s success story begins here!

    Upgrade Your Unboxing Experience with Customized Tuck Boxes


    Relax and leave all your shipping concerns to us! Our team ensures that your tuck top boxes are expertly packaged and securely delivered to your doorstep. Sit back, unwind, and entrust us with the hassle free shipping of your boxes, so you can enjoy peace of mind throughout the process.


    • Glossy Finish

    Introducing a glossy finish adds a unique shine to your packaging, effectively differentiating your product from others in the market. This approach is highly effective in improving product visibility. Whether you choose to apply gloss to the entire surface or focus it on specific areas, we are dedicated to fulfilling your exact specifications.


    • Matte Lamination

    Choosing matte lamination provides an attractive alternative for making a memorable impact with your packaging. It imparts a gentler, more organic look, often emitting a velvety feel. This introduces a hint of luxury while blending colors seamlessly with the backdrop, rather than generating sharp distinctions.


    • Embossing & Debossing

    Excluding embossed packaging from our product offerings is simply not a decision we can justify. The process of embossing relies on the use of a metal plate, often referred to as a “die.” Much like a stamp, this die is meticulously pressed into the material, resulting in the creation of either single or multiple layers of raised relief.

    This remarkable technique empowers us to imprint intricate two- or three-dimensional patterns, giving rise to a tactile sensation that irresistibly draws attention to specific elements within your design. For those looking to incorporate custom images or their company logos, this method proves exceptionally effective. Explore the world of embossed packaging with Vive Printing today!


    • Brand Logo

    Your brand’s logo serves as the ultimate element that captures the core of your brand’s identity. It plays a pivotal role in enhancing the visual appeal of your packaging while simultaneously increasing recognition and awareness of your business. With these simple yet effective techniques, you can showcase your brand’s logo on different sections of your packaging.


    Reasons to Choose Vive Printing for Your Custom Tuck Boxes


    At Vive Printing, we are aware of survival of the fittest fact. That’s why we are here with our packaging solutions to solve your problems. We go an extra mile to bring up the best with you. We have gathered up some of the major differences that make Vive Printing a better option for your business!


    • Our Experts Design Support

    We have an expert team of designers that exceptionally collaborates with you and are ready to help you at any cost in your packaging designs. They not only bring up the designs that resonate with your brand values but even suggest you with their wise opinions regarding your tuck boxes packaging design. To mention, all our design support is free of cost and you can easily reflect your packaging with your product requirements.


    • 24-Hour Customer Friendly Service

    At Vive Printing, our customer support team is renowned for its exceptional friendliness and unwavering commitment to ensuring your experience is nothing short of seamless. Should you have any inquiries or apprehensions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and rest assured, we’re here to provide you with the utmost care and assistance.


    • Easy and Secure Payment

    Purchasing your tuck boxes at Viveprinting is a hassle-free experience thanks to our secure payment methods. What’s even better is that you have the flexibility to select the payment option that aligns perfectly with your preferences. Furthermore, you can have peace of mind knowing that your personal information is safeguarded and kept secure.


    • Fast Turnaround Time 

    We understand how eager you are to receive your tuck boxes, so rest assured, we prioritize efficiency! Once your design is confirmed, we’ll swiftly manufacture and ship your order without unnecessary delays. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’re committed to delivering your products promptly!


    • Free Shipping As A Bonus for Your Trust in Us 

    You can trust Vive Printing to handle all your shipping needs for your tuck top boxes. Our team will expertly package your items for secure delivery straight to your doorstep. Take it easy, unwind, and rely on our seamless free shipping service to bring your boxes to you hassle-free.

    Order Now!


    To cut it short, Vive Printing offers a comprehensive range of tuck boxes that are designed to meet the diverse needs of your e-commerce business. Our printed tuck boxes are not just packaging; they are a statement of style and convenience, carefully crafted to leave a lasting impression on both you and your valued customers.

    But here’s the hook: our commitment to quality goes beyond just aesthetics. It’s about enhancing your brand image and boosting your sales. With our tuck boxes, you’re not just getting packaging; you’re getting a powerful marketing tool.

    Ready to make a memorable impact? Choose Vive Printing and order now! Elevate your unboxing experience, enhance your brand’s presence, and watch your sales soar with our quality materials and impeccable finishing touches. Your packaging journey to success begins here.



    • What is a tuck box?

    A tuck box is a folding box made from a single sheet of cardboard where the flaps tuck into each other instead of using tape or glue.

    • What do people use tuck boxes for?

    Tuck boxes are used to package small items like gifts, treats, toys, cards, and other little things you want to put a cover on.

    • How do you figure out how big a tuck box needs to be?

    Measure the item you want to put in the box. Add about 0.5 to 1 inch of space on all sides for folding. This gives you the size the paper needs to be.

    • How do you decorate and customize tuck boxes?

    Print designs, words, photos or patterns on the paper before folding into a box. You can also stamp, emboss, or put coatings on tuck boxes to make them fancy.

    • What kind of paper works best for tuck boxes?

    Cardstock or lightweight cardboard about 12 to 14 points thick is ideal. The paper needs to be thin enough to fold easily but thick enough to hold a shape.

    • How do you put a tuck box together?

    Fold the paper into the box shape. Tuck the side flaps in first, then tuck the front and back flaps in. Glue or tape can reinforce it but isn’t needed.

    • Are tuck boxes good for selling things in stores?

    Yes, Tuck Boxes let customers see the product from all sides without opening the box, which stores like.

    • How does printing on tuck boxes work?

    Tuck boxes are printed flat on sheet fed or digital presses, using a process called pre-press to split and layout the artwork to precisely print on the folded box template.

    • What types of materials can be used to make tuck boxes?

    Most are made from paperboard like cardstock or lightweight chipboard. Some are made from specialty materials like plastic, rigid vinyl, foam, or for premium packaging, even metal foils.

    • What are some tips for designing artwork for tuck boxes?

    Allow at least 0.125-inch bleed. Avoid putting art across fold lines. Add guidelines to show fold and glue line locations. Specify if art will wrap around sides. Include both top and bottom views.

    Main Group
    Size Available in all Custom Shapes and Sizes.
    Colors Full-color CMYK printing process / PMS Pantone colors available.
    Stock 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt , 24pt White SBS , C1S, C2S, Kraft Recycled stock, Corrugated (micro-flute, E-flute,3-Ply), Coated and uncoated Stocks, Special colour stocks, Rainbow colour card stocks.
    Coating options Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Matte/Satin, Aqueous Coating, Spot UV, Soft Touch Lamination
    Add on choices Die Cut Window, Gold/Silver Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, Raised Ink.
    Shipping Boxes are Shipped Flat but are Pre-Scored and Pre-Glued, easy to Assemble. Free Shipping to the USA
    Proofing * Free hard copy proofing available on order over $3000. No risk, review physical sample of your own product before getting full production.


    Measurement for the density of the paper stock.


    Measurement for the thickness of the paper stock.


    Fiberboard arches sandwiched between two linerboards.


    Material contains a significant percentage of recycled material.


    Materal can break down when exposed to light, air, and moisture.


    Material can break down into natural components that can become a part of soil.

    Plastic Free

    Material does not contain any petroleum-based plastics.


    Standardized color system for extreme color accuracy when printing.

    Flexo Print

    Economical option with faster turnaround, ideal for printing higher volumes.


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