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Custom Retail Packaging

The retail industry is one of the biggest growing industries in the world. New brands are entering this industry rapidly. This has increased the competition levels to a great extent. New brands are adopting cutting-edge techniques to market their products. This brings tough times to already established retail brands in the market. They need to reshape their marketing strategies to keep their market shares intact. In this scenario, product packaging becomes an important feature to look into for the brands. Custom retail packaging brings a revolutionary change in the presentation of retail products.

What it will do to the customers? These boxes change the product’s perception in its customers’ minds. Slightly vary in custom packaging bags design provide a whole new unboxing experience for your clients. That will help companies keep surprising their audience. It will eventually help them in customer retention.

Viveprinting deals in all kinds of designing and printing custom retail packaging and ensures its client will get it at reasonable rates. We deliver high-quality boxes in a variety of different styles and designs. The use of flexible and supple building materials in their manufacturing allows us to shape them in cutting-edge designs. This is what new-era customers want to see. They love to buy products packed in unique packaging styles rather than a product packed in the ordinary packaging box.

What makes Viveprinting superior to its competitors? Just go through the details below and you will get your answer.

custom packaging
corrugated cardboard boxes

Get The Right Material for Your Custom Retail Packaging:

Are you confused about different stocks? Don’t worry, we are here to sort out your confusion. Consult with one of our experts. They have vast experience in developing different kinds of packaging boxes. They will guide you to the best possible solution regarding your retail product packaging.

We are working with several different stocks. It includes.

  •         Cardboard
  •         Corrugated Cardboard
  •         Rigid
  •         Kraft Paperboard

Cardboard and cardstock materials are the most utilized in retail packaging. It is due to their numerous qualities. They are easy to customize, have convenient printing options, easy styling process, and many others. You can design your custom retail packaging boxes with them in numerous styles easily.

With that, we allow our clients to go with their selected material as well. As manufacturers know better about their products and they can guide us in a better way that what kind of a packaging suits best to it.

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Get Your Custom Retail Packaging Done in Cutting-Edge Styles:

The advancements in technology have brought a lot of changes in the design process of packaging boxes. We believe in the adoption of new techniques to give our packaging boxes an impactful look. Now you can create a difficult shape and style of a packaging box easily. The cutting-edge technologies allow the designers to cut and mold the materials in their desired shapes conveniently.

Do you want to design your box by yourself? Why not! We offer our clients custom retail packaging options in which they can design their product box design by themselves. Our experts will help you out throughout the process. This will make it easy for you to get it done quickly and efficiently. With that, we offer our customers some stylish packaging box designs for their retail packaging. You choose from them as well. Some of them are defined below.

Display Boxes:

These boxes are designed with a window feature. This window allows the customers to have a look at the enclosed product before they buy it. They can check its features like color, size, and shape before making their buying decision. This helps them in making the right buying decision according to their needs and requirements. The window display boxes are highly in demand in all industries as they give an enticing look to the products.

Die-cut Boxes:

The die-cutting technique is an advanced design technology. It has changed the face of the packaging industry entirely. This technique allows the designers to build unique shapes and styles of boxes with rigid and strong materials as well which was not possible before its introduction. Die-cut window boxes, die-cut rigid boxes, die-cut pillow boxes, and many other designs can be created through this technique.

Gable Boxes:

A box with a handle. How convenient these boxes will be for the customers? They can easily carry them from one place to another. Gable boxes are designed with different materials depending on the product nature going to be packed in them. You can customize the shape and size of the box with its handle as per your box design requirements.

Custom Design:

If you have any design mock-ups or any ideas related to the design of your packaging, you can share them with our designers. They will do the rest of the job for you. In this way, you can customize your packaging design according to your desires easily.

Complete details of all designs are given on our website. You can check them and get inspiration for your custom retail boxes design.

Avail Custom Printing Facilities for Your Custom Retail Packaging Solutions:

Printing plays a vital role in giving an eye-catching final look to the boxes. This is why a great interest is shown by both designers and clients in doing it. We have adopted new printing technologies that allow us to print boxes with mesmerizing artwork.

  •         Digital Printing.
  •         Screen Printing.
  •         Flexography.
  •         Lithography.

All these printing techniques are utilized by Viveprinting to give amazing results. Screen printing and digital printing are highly recommended for bulk printing of custom retail packaging boxes.

How you can make your packaging box’s artwork attractive for your customers? Go with the following features.

  •         Use high-quality product images in their design.
  •         Use a combination of colors to give your artwork an attractive look.
  •         Insert brand name and logo in the design.

These features grab the customer’s attention quickly and force them to buy the product. These artworks can be your best economical marketing tool as well.

Brand Identification

A good custom retail packaging design help products and companies stand out in a saturated market. Viveprinting will help companies to identify their brand in the market.

Economical Pricing

Viveprinting provides wholesale pricing for custom packaging bags to its clients in the USA. We use the latest technology that helps us reduce the cost of our products.

Customer Support

Our customer support team is available for your help 24/7. You can get any information from them regarding your order placement to order receiving. Avail of our great packaging solutions related to custom retail packaging, custom cosmetics packaging, food packaging, and many others to give your valuable products an impactful presence.