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Custom Sustainable Packaging

With packaging waste and pollution on the rise, brands and companies are being encouraged to adopt Custom Sustainable Packaging. There are a few materials that are Eco friendly, like corrugated and cardboard. These materials are recyclable and very easy to dispose of without harming nature. These Custom Sustainable Packagings are the perfect way to attract environmentally conscious customers. There are many benefits of sustainable packaging as well like it can be shaped in many styles and can be printed in many designs. Custom Sustainable Packaging Wholesale capture the attention of customers with superior print quality, graphics and branding to promote their respective brands.

Types and Applications of Custom Sustainable Packaging

With increasing customer demand for environmentally friendly product packaging, Custom Sustainable Packaging has become an essential part of every brand and business. Considering the level of sophistication of the product being packaged, Eco-Friendly Packaging can be divided into two main types. Kraft paper boxes are suitable for small products such as food, jewelry, displays and decorations. Kraft cartons are ideal for heavy, bulky items for retail, shipping and storage. Both types of boxes are considered compliant with Sustainable Packaging while maintaining the original quality and functionality of the packaged item. Whatever your business, these boxes will position you socially as a nature-friendly company and attract environmentally conscious customers.

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Luxurious design and a range of tailor-made solutions

Viveprinting is one of America’s leading packaging suppliers, providing Custom Sustainable Packaging and printing products to many brands and businesses. They know how to offer unique Sustainable Packaging solutions that stand out from the crowd. You will need to provide our experts with the specifications and information on the product packaging you wish to incorporate into the box you need. Our experts will make sure you get the solution you dream of and hope for.

Packaging Innovations at Viveprinting

Viveprinting’s mission is to make e-commerce a force for positive change by providing the most sustainable packaging on the planet. Prominent eco packaging. Custom packaging takes it to another level. Get inspired by some of Viveprinting’s most famous cases, including custom mailers, custom shipping boxes, and custom sealing tape.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Viveprinting’s eco-friendly packaging ranges from boxes made from biodegradable materials to industrially compostable postal bags. Many of the above products are FSC certified. This means that the pulp used is either recyclable or from responsibly managed forests.

Unmatched Printing and Finishing Options

Viveprinting allows customers to choose different kinds of designs with the help of our graphic team. We also offer a wide range of printing and finishing options for Custom Sustainable Packaging Wholesale, helping you maximize your packaging to attract the most customers and maximize profits. Our printing experts are well-versed in modern printing technologies and trends and have all the resources to provide special solutions to grab your customers’ attention right away. Utilizing the latest digital, screen and offset printing technologies, embossing inks, PMS or CMYK colors, our printing experts can give your boxes the uniqueness needed to communicate your brand message and enhance your presence in the marketplace Reputation.

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