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Custom Sustainable Packaging

It is not only the price of the product that makes it look worthful. An ordinary product packed in a luxurious-looking packaging box adds extra value to it. Therefore, manufacturers take a special interest in designing their product packaging. In all this do not forget the main purpose of the packaging. It is to keep the enclosed product safe and secure. If you neglect this point while designing then there might be a possibility that your designed packaging box will become useless for you.

Custom sustainable packaging solutions should comply with both conditions. One they should be strong, durable, and eco-friendly. The second is its enticing look. It should be able to present a product in an eye-catching way in front of the buyers. If a packaging box complies with these conditions satisfactorily, then you can say that you have developed a sustainable packaging box.

A sustainable packaging solution is the need of every modern-day company. One of the main reasons behind adopting these packaging boxes is the demand from their customers. Today’s customers are well aware of environmental issues. This is why they want to see brands using sustainable and eco-friendly packaging boxes for their products.

Today, when a customer walks through the aisles of a store, they do not notice only the brand name and quality of the product. They also keep their focus on the packaging boxes used by different brands. Some brands are always close to the heart of the buyers. They compare their packaging with the other brands present on the store shelves. If they find that their favorite brands are not using eco-friendly packaging as the other ones are doing, it leaves a negative impression on their minds. Therefore, nowadays brands are adopting these packaging solutions to keep their customers happy and satisfied with their work.

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What We Will Offer Our Customer in Custom Sustainable Packaging Solutions?

We are renowned in the USA market for our high-quality and sustainable packaging solutions. We are using different stocks in their making. The important thing about these stocks is that they are completely recyclable and eco-friendly. Some of them are.

·   Kraft Paperboard

This material is at the top of the list of eco-friendly materials. It is extracted from the pulp of the trees. The boxes made from them are completely recyclable. Kraft paperboard material comes in simple brown color. Its eco-friendly feature makes it the first preference of most manufacturers of the modern era.

·   Cardboard

Cardboard material is a highly utilized material in the packaging industry. They provide strong, sturdy, and durable packaging boxes for all types of products. Custom sustainable packaging boxes made from cardboard material are highly in demand.

·   Corrugated Cardboard

It is another form of cardboard material. It is thicker and extra durable in comparison to simple cardboard sheets.

All these materials are the best option to produce custom sustainable packaging boxes. They come with a flexible and supple nature. This helps in the designing process of the boxes. Users can create any shape and size of boxes with them.

We have a team of experts who have vast knowledge about these stocks. Get a piece of advice from them before start making your packaging. It will help you in designing efficient and effective packaging solutions for your business.

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What do You need to Do While Designing Custom Sustainable Packaging Boxes?

There are some strategies to be followed if you want to create sustainable packaging boxes. We also suggest our clients follow them. It will help them to grow in the industry with a positive image.

How can you develop a sustainable shipping packaging solution for your products? It comprises different steps that need to be followed by every modern-day brand to satisfy its customer’s needs. They are.

Share disposal and recycling best practices:

We inspire our clients to dispose of their waste materials properly. This helps in the recycling process of materials. By doing so we can create new packaging boxes with these recycled materials. It helps in two ways. One, we can create eco-friendly packaging boxes. Second, it reduces the cost of packaging to a great extent.

Ship in a smaller package:

It is always good to use boxes that are the size of your products. Do not use big boxes as they cause wasting the packaging material while their making. The wastage of material also increases the cost of the packaging boxes.

Recycled packaging materials:

Use recyclable stocks to prepare your product packaging boxes. The best option in this regard is the Kraft paperboard, cardboard, and corrugated cardboard materials.

Edible packaging:

It is a new phenomenon introduced in the packaging industry. The packaging solutions are created with edible materials. Such packaging boxes protect the products from getting contaminated, especially the food items. Therefore, it is the best option to create sustainable food packaging. 

Compostable and biodegradable plastic alternatives:

Avoid using materials like plastic and polythene. They are not recyclable materials. Instead of these materials, we push our clients to use recyclable materials like Kraft paperboard and cardboard.

Avoid over-packaging throughout the supply chain:

Do not use extra packaging with your primary packaging boxes. This extra packaging burden will only increase the cost of the packaging. Therefore, try to avoid it.

By implementing these above-mentioned strategies in your packaging designing process, you can create efficient custom sustainable packaging boxes. Our experts are always here to guide you. If you have any problem understanding these strategies, consult with our experts. They will tell you the best possible way to reach a sustainable packaging solution.

Have You Heard About the Term 7 R’s of Custom Sustainable Packaging?

Let’s discuss what are these 7 R’s. They tell us how to strategize the process of obtaining custom suitable packaging boxes.

The 7 R’s are.

  1.   Rethink
  2.   refuse
  3.   reuse
  4.   reduce
  5.   recycle
  6.   repurpose
  7.   rot

Implement these 7 R’s while planning your custom sustainable packaging boxes. It will allow you to develop a modernized packaging solution for your products that will satisfy your customers completely.

Customer Support:

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