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Innovative ideas and designs of custom tobacco packaging can

make your cigarette brand unique among other cigarette brands/manufacturers.

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Custom Printed cigarette Boxes

Tobacco is one of the most consumed commodities in the world. If you want to satisfy cigarette buyers completely then you must use custom-printed cigarette boxes. Custom tobacco packaging is required to keep the cigarettes fresh and keep their aroma intact. Cigarette packs usually play the role of a marketing tool as well. For this reason, all brands choose these packs with great care. Viveprinting offers many custom designs and personalization services to bring you the best custom cigarette packs.

What we do is, allow our clients to work in collaboration with our experts. Share your ideas with them and try to convert those ideas into reality. We use advanced technologies and methods to achieve it. Our product quality is never been comprised at any cost. We produce high-quality boxes at economical prices that fulfill the modern-era manufacturer’s demands satisfactorily.

Unlimited Customization Options:

The customization options bring a lot of ways for the manufacturers to give their product packaging boxes a novel and fresh look. The use of supple building materials allows our designers to change the shape, style, or size of the boxes easily. With that, Choose from beautiful finishes such as water-based varnishes, gloss, matt, and UV coatings for your custom tobacco packaging.

Top options include silver/gold foil, die-cut windows, embossing, and metal labels. Packaging companies offer highly customizable cigarette packs in various styles and great prices. Each pack can easily hold twenty cigarettes, and all the materials used to make this special pack are printable. A die-cut window can also be added to the embossed tobacco case, allowing the user to see what’s inside. This inspires their emotions to buy it.

tobacco packaging -
tobacco packaging

Custom Tobacco Packaging in A Variety of Design Options:

The first look at a product is very important. If it inspires the buyer then the chances of a sale of the product increase to a great extent. This is why manufacturers do work on it very carefully. They try to give their products an attractive and impressive first look. The best available way for them to do it is by delivering their products in well-designed and efficiently customized packing boxes.  

We provide our clients variety of options from materials to their finishing touches. They can utilize these options to develop custom tobacco packaging boxes. By utilizing these options efficiently, they can get the right package for their cigarettes. The tobacco packaging market is the biggest beneficiary of customized packaging solutions.

The different materials we are offering for this purpose include cardboard, cardstock, Kraft paperboard, and others. They come with flexible design options that help in converting cigarette cases’ shape, size, and dimensions according to the client’s requirements conveniently.

In addition, the use of kraft paperboard comes with an environmental friendliness feature as well. It provides plain tobacco packaging boxes with an elegant look. These uniquely designed cigarette boxes give your cigarettes a highly attractive look. It can lead to more sales and consequently bigger profit margins. You can choose any individual size box shape that fits your cigarettes. Some innovative designs and styles of cigarette boxes are.

  •         Tray Boxes
  •         Flip Boxes
  •         Window Boxes

Innovative ideas and designs of custom tobacco packaging can make your cigarette brand unique among other cigarette brands. To differentiate your cigarette brand from others, you need to use world-class cigarette packaging designs. Where would you get them? We can design and print customized cigarette boxes for your brand. They will promote your brand efficiently all over the world.

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Stock Availability to design Custom Tobacco Packaging:

Some products are delicate to nature. They get damaged quickly when they are exposed to the atmosphere. Cigarettes are one of them. When they are left exposed to the atmosphere, they lose their flavor and aroma. This is the reason they need a solid packaging solution that protects them from atmospheric features like moisture, air, and others.

Get rid of damp, dry, or wrinkled cigarettes with our high-quality custom cigarette packaging boxes. The selection of the right material to create a box for the storage of cigarettes is critical. High-quality custom cigarette boxes can perfectly protect your cigarettes from dust and moisture. The question arises, how would you develop these boxes, and which is the right material? Our experts will provide you with complete guidance on this issue. They will help you out in the designing process and with the selection of the right material for it.

Mostly, we recommend our clients go with cardboard or cardstock materials for the making of cigarette boxes. These materials are highly efficient in developing useful cigarette boxes. People will buy your brand of cigarettes when they are fresh.

Custom Tobacco Packaging with Custom Printed Artworks:

The printing of the packaging impacts deeply on its final appearance. What if you get an opportunity to print your unique artwork design on a personalized cigarette pack? This will give the packaging boxes the perfect desired look.

Viveprinting offers you this unique opportunity to print your company logo and other brand information on cigarette packs. With that, you can add any other feature to the design of these printed artworks to make them look attractive and eye-catching.

A customized artwork with some exciting color combinations is the best option. Colors attract people towards themselves. Therefore, adding an elegant color combination to the artworks gives them an eye-catching look. Durable Custom Cigarette Boxes are a great way to meet display requirements and grab your customers’ attention. We guarantee efficient products at wholesale prices that cannot be matched by our competitors.

Health warnings and nicotine effects are printed on our sturdy cigarette packs in attractive color combinations. Rest assured that our durable custom cigarette cases will provide the best presentation for your medication regimen.

Customer Services and Support:

Customer support and guidance always help the clients in getting the right product. Therefore, we created a customer support department full of experts. They are available for your guidance 24/7. You can reach us by email, call, or customer chat support to get your custom tobacco packaging boxes in your desired designs.

With that, if you have any other query related to any other product like custom liquor packaging, custom retail packaging, or any other. You can also inquire about them. Our team will answer all your queries as quickly as they can with their best knowledge.