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To cater to your specific requirements, we may create individualized tickets in a variety of forms, sizes, and color combinations. Our individualized event ticket printing service provides tickets of the greatest possible quality, and they are printed in full color at prices that are quite affordable.

In addition to delivering tickets of superior quality that offer you a greater return on your investment, we also give you the benefit of our great service feature of a 48-hour turnaround guarantee for orders of 5,000 tickets or fewer.

The use of full-color printing on event tickets can pique people's interest in attending your event. When it comes to large-scale events such as concerts, theatrical plays, and professional or college sports events, the professional ticket printing service that we provide is an excellent value. Yet, this service is also an excellent bargain for more intimate gatherings such as community plays, school dances or proms, raffles, and fundraising events.

It is possible to advertise both your firm and the event itself by printing promotional materials on your tickets, such as your website and other contact information. In addition, you may persuade people to attend your event by including enticing graphics and photos on the tickets that you sell for it. We can provide you with numbered tickets for your event.

We can get improved printing results on a stock that is both brighter and more color consistent when we utilize recycled cover material for the printing of our tickets. A recyclable cardstock material with different thicknesses is used for event tickets printing. Our cover materials are always made out of recycled paper, therefore selecting this choice will not result in any extra fees being charged. You will have the choice of picking a matte coating, a gloss coating, a high-gloss UV coating, or any other coating of your choice for your tickets, which will be printed in full color on both sides.

Make Your Events Memorable Through Eye-Catching Event Tickets:

With the customized event ticket printing services provided by Viveprinting, you can give your gatherings an even more lasting impression. These tickets are often used as a supplement to other types of marketing materials such as flyers and posters for events. Tickets are required to get entry to a variety of events, including concerts, parties, expositions, and auctions. A ticket with vibrant printing styles in bold and sharp colors energizes the participants as well.

The typical size for our event tickets is 5.5 inches by 2 inches, and they come with the option of having sequential numbering and perforations. We perforate the paper to make it possible to easily tear it along a line, which also facilitates the simple separation of two pieces of the material. The remaining portion of the tickets is saved to be used as mementos of the event. While trying to keep track of the headcount as well as the financial reporting, sequential numbering is quite significant. You can customize its setting according to your needs and requirements.

Cardstock comes in a variety of weights, thicknesses, and prices, ranging from our cheap 10-point paper to our extra-thick 17-point cardstock. We also provide a coating that is matte, glossy, or high-gloss, in addition to the choice to leave the tickets uncoated. The uncoated tickets provide easy writability options that benefit if you want to write anything on them.

The design of the event ticket may either be printed on both the front and the back of the ticket or it can only be printed on the front of the ticket. Before you send your files out to be proofread, you may get some assistance with the proper setup by making use of our free event ticket templates. Our experts are available for your guidance and support. They will provide you with all the assistance that is required to design these event tickets creatively.

Stocks Available to Event Tickets Printing:

We are offering event ticket printing services on a variety of stocks. You can select any of them that fulfills your needs satisfactorily.

  •         10 pt. Cardstock with a gloss finish.
  •         10 pt. Cardstock with a matte finish.
  •         14 pt. Cardstock with a gloss finish.
  •         14 pt. Cardstock with a matte finish.
  •         14 pt. Cardstock with UV coating.
  •         16 pt. Cardstock with a gloss finish.     
  •         16 pt. Cardstock with a matte finish.
  •         17 pt. Cardstock uncoated.

These are some highly utilized materials available to the event tickets maker. Our services are not limited to these materials only. If you have any special request of printing them on some other material. We can do it for you.

Customized Artworks for An Energetic Look of Event Tickets:

The look of the tickets creates the first impression in the viewer's mind about the event. Therefore, it should be designed and printed with innovation and style. The first look at the tickets should be impressive for the viewers. This will build their interest in attending the event.

We have a team of expert designers at Viveprinting who will design your ticket artwork with eye-catching features. You can share your design ideas with them to give the tickets a desired look.

What are some features that should be included by event tickets maker to their artworks to make them look impressive?

  •         The use of bold and sharp colors combination.
  •         Adding some interactive images related to the event in the artwork designs.
  •         Two-sided printing should be done.
  •         Add accurate information about the event date, timing, and venue.

Inviting people with these impressive tickets will put a positive impact on their minds and they will surely attend the event with joy and pleasure.

Why Choosing Viveprinting for Printing Event Tickets?

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We have a team of customer support services available for your guidance and support 24/7. If you have any query related to your product or order. You can reach them by call, email, or through customer chat support available on our website. They will guide you with their best knowledge and experience. Avail of yourself our event tickets online printing services and enjoy top-quality services with some amazing products.

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