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Inspire your customers through innovative presentation styles. Bring their attention to your business, product, and services through eye-catching presentations. Striking and catchy folders printing will provide you with a unique way to inspire your customers. These folders are usually used for corporate giveaways, handing over business documents to clients, and marketing document handling.

How Viveprinting will help you in this regard? We can provide you with some classy custom presentation folders to present your business documents to your clients. This will grab their attention quickly towards your business activities. Consequently, it will impact positively your business.

We have a team of experts working in each department. When you come to us to design your custom business folders, they will guide you on every phase of its design. You can customize your designs exactly according to your desires and requirements. We use easily customizable materials for their makings like cardstock paper, Kraft paper, and others. This makes the designing process exciting and interesting for everyone.

Which Materials do we Offer for Business Folders Printing?

The introduction of cardstock paper has revolutionized the face of the packaging industry. It is available in different types. One can select from them according to their needs and requirements. Our experts will also provide you the guidance in selecting the right material for the designing of your business folders.

Some of the recommended materials for folders printing are.

14 Pt. Cardstock Matte:

  •         It is quite durable and sturdy by nature.
  •         It comes with an aqueous coating that makes the folders surface scratch resistant.
  •         The matte finish makes their surface perfect for writing.
  •         It is one of the best materials to design various types of business folders.   

14 Pt. Cardstock with Gloss Finish:

  •         It has the same thickness but with a different finish. The gloss finish is perfect for the vibrant printing of business folders.
  •         The gloss finish enhances the look of the folders extraordinarily.
  •         They have a scratch-resistant surface that keeps the folder's original condition intact for a long time.
  •         It is one of the highly recommended materials by our experts to design business folders of various styles.

14 Pt. Cardstock with UV Coating Finish:

  •         It is a thick and durable material with a UV coating finish.
  •         You can select the cardstock material with UV coating on both sides or you can go with a single side UV coating cardstock paper as well.
  •         The uncoated side mostly remains inside the folders and it provides convenient writing options.

16 Pt. Cardstock with Gloss Finish:

  •         It is thicker than 14 pt. cardstock. This makes it extra durable and strong.
  •         The gloss finish makes the look of custom folder printing vibrant and lively.
  •         The rigidity of the material makes the look of business folders highly professional.
  •         A perfect marketing tool available to the makers to convey their message to their customers inspiringly.

16 Pt. Cardstock with Matte Finish:

  •         A strong and rigid material.
  •         The matte finish of the cardstock material makes the look of the printed artwork elegant.
  •         Their surface allows convenient writing options for the users.

Our abilities are not limited to the above-mentioned stocks. You can select from other available stocks as well. The use of advanced technologies and methods allows us to do custom folder printing on different stocks conveniently. Deliver a positive impression on your clients through customized business folders printing. We also allow our clients to get engaged with our designers and give their folders their desired style. You can share your ideas with them and they will give their expert opinion on it.

Customize the Business Folder Style:

The business folder styles can be customized according to the business nature and its marketing requirements. The main thing in their styles is the number of pockets. Some of the folders come with double pockets whereas some come with a single pocket. 

The use of flexible and supple cardstock material allows us to make different styles and sizes of folders easily. Especially, the introduction of die-cutting techniques makes the designing process convenient and easy for the designers. This technique makes us able to cut the material into difficult shapes easily. This makes the designing and styling process interesting.

Customize Printing Solutions for Business Folders:

Business folders printing works as a perfect marketing tool for companies. Companies can customize printing solutions to promote their businesses. They can add the desired features to the designs of artworks going to be printed on them. These artworks deliver the company's message to the customers in a unique way.

Which features are a must to include in the designs of the artworks? According to our experts at Viveprinting, the following features make the artwork efficient and effective for folders printing.

  •         Add the brand's name and logo.
  •         Use lively colors while designing the artwork.
  •         Add text that promotes your business, products, and services.
  •         Do not add too much text. Make it precise and to the point.
  •         Use images of high resolution for an impactful look.

With that, you can share your ideas with our designers as well. You can make any desired changes in the designed artwork going to be printed on the folders. With that, we offer many other business marketing products as well like letterheads printing, stickers printing, flyers printing, and others.

Economical Marketing Tool:

Innovatively promoting any business puts a positive impact on its performance. Therefore, companies always remain in search of new and unique ways to engage with their customers. The business folder with innovative printing styles provides them with an effective option in this regard. They can deliver their brand image and message to the customers in a special way.

These custom presentation folders are built with low-cost cardstock material. The material comes with economical printing options. Customized folders printing can be done at a very low cost. These custom business folders highlight your business features in a great way and provide you with an opportunity to convey your message to your users in a unique way. It is an affordable marketing tool that can be utilized by any business.

Why Choosing Viveprinting? 

Every business looks for efficient and effective marketing solutions for its products and services. We work as your business partner and provide you with reliable and trustworthy solutions in this regard.

What do we offer our customers?  

  •         One of the leading printing solution providers in the US.
  •         High-quality products at economical prices.
  •         Provide customized products according to our client’s requirements.
  •         Get guidance from our experts to develop the desired products according to your needs.
  •         Timely delivery of marketing and packaging products.
  •         Trustworthy and reliable business solution providers.

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