How to Place an Order?

Uncover the seamless journey of turning your ideas into reality. Follow these simple steps to make your purchase hassle-free:

How to Buy from Viveprinting

We welcome our esteemed clients to Viveprinting! We are the foremost printing and packaging accomplice that will never let you down. Our company has been perceived as top of the organizations that serve exceptional printing and packaging facilities. It has been only possible because we have a craving to succeed and our excitement for conveying quality items and services. We give a wide range of printing and packaging choices. Our team fulfills the requests in a creative way when you purchase custom boxes in the USA.

Here, we can make brochures, menus, custom boxes, professional business cards, remarkable envelopes, and limited-time handouts, and that’s just the beginning. Our website is made user-friendly so that anyone can enter our website straightforwardly. It will make the plan of your packaging more enticing and striking. Likewise, it will work well for you to introduce influential items. We have a user-friendly and simple interaction phase.

How to Buy Exceptional Packaging at Viveprinting

Get the Accurate Measurements of Boxes

Enjoy the secure packaging by ordering on our website. Here, we have a form on our website where you have to put all the measuring details so that it would be easy for our team to build boxes according to your described details. They will note down everything with care and confirm you get the dreamy results.

What Type of Box You Need

The manner in which you wish to introduce your brands will have an effect while selecting your box style. It is essential as you can get numerous choices from us. You can have further details here to develop the unboxing memory and make it unforgettable. We have amazing custom packaging boxes for sale available here on our website. You can get our foldable boxes, window boxes, gable boxes, auto-lock boxes, mailer boxes, and more. They are unique regarding their highlights and advantages. We suggest you consider the nature of your item and then think about your dream of introducing it to the market.

We make the inside presentation chic and elegant for our clients. Additionally, we can do something more conventional and natural. Pick a box of your choice that turns out best for you. Thus, relax, do research, and choose the one that separates your image from others.

Review Our Website:

You can reach us by visiting our website and get more perfect choices about what we are offering to you. Dive yourself into our luxurious printing and packaging choices. Review our website, where you will get a variety of items for every purpose. We ensure that you get a smooth sailing online journey where you can have a variety of prints on different packaging boxes. Here, you will experience unlimited possibilities.

Visit Product Options:

Note down extra information about each service from our product categories. Here, you will get everything in detail about our services for you. Our product categories include:

  • Auto Lock Boxes
  • Cube Boxes
  • Gable Boxes
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Rigid Drawer Boxes
  • Rigid Tray Lid
  • Custom Mailer Boxes
  • Die Cut Boxes
  • Custom CBD Boxes
  • Custom Rigid Boxes
  • Pillow Boxes
  • Display Boxes
  • Packaging Sleeves
  • Custom Packaging Boxes
  • Toy Boxes
  • Lipstick Boxes
  • Wine Boxes
  • Custom Printed Boxes
  • Kraft Card Boxes
  • Rigid Shoulder Neck
  • Custom Product Boxes
  • Tuck Boxes

We not only have these choices for our valued clients, but there are more options that you can get. Pick the one that your brand needs and get authentic recognition in the market. All of our products are in artistic and alluring manners.

Pick Your Choice of Box:

When you are sure to buy at our website, you need to pick a box for your product by a relevant category. In this stage, you will be able to decide which shape you want to give to your expensive products. Once you are confirmed with the box style, we will ensure you have the same as you told us. Pick your favorites from our broad range and then go with add-on options according to your desires.

Request a Personalized Quote

After selecting the box style, you can move to the next stage of requesting a quote for your order. This is one of the important steps as you have to drop all your desired needs and requirements here. Our team will follow these details for manufacturing your products. This is made very easy for our clients.

First, we approve the design and artwork that you have sent to us. If you haven’t sent it to us, we will share our designed sample for confirmation. You have the choice on our website to check our guide, where all the features are detailed and mentioned. Our skilled team will guide you in the measurement procedure of your packaging.

Check-out Process:

It will not be difficult to explore while checking out. In this part, you get into your payment and transport details. This step allows the exact and prompt custom printing and packaging choices that will make you happy as you receive error-free packaging. We here guarantee that all executing processes are re-checked for perfection. This process is intended to be the basic one. In this way, it is advantageous for you to conclude your request. This process will draw you nearer to accepting your carefully created items.

Payment Choices:

Secure your discount and payment ways, especially for custom printed boxes, by choosing different secure payment suggestions. Viveprinting values the requirement of flexible payment methods for our esteemed partners. Choose the one you feel convenient with. You can utilize either a Visa, PayPal, or some other protected and secure choice. We make flexible ways in this regard to make your shopping simple and secure.

Order Verification:

Here, you get an instant confirmation of your buying record via email after all your payment clearance. In this confirmation email, you will receive the data on the total number of products and insights concerning the particular buying requested for shipment reasons.

Additionally, it will incorporate an expected transporting date. It makes the cycle straightforward and ensures that your selected products are being handled and moved toward a conclusion.

Shipment Technique

We are focused on providing a protected and ideal conveyance of your selected orders. We work smartly with perceived courier facilities for our shipments to guarantee protected and auspicious delivery. In this way, we follow shipments at every stage and make sure they will be delivered on guaranteed time. That is why we are able to update you on transferring products and their arrival details. Viveprinting guarantees you that your products will be conveyed in ideal condition within the discussed time span. We endeavor to maintain the qualities identical to our name.

Let our team know about any query as to whether you have misgivings about shipping things while transporting products. We would like to guarantee your fulfillment and alter our services as indicated by your needs.

Have an Eye on Your Order:

Using the tracking data will make you aware of your orders. We likewise inform you about creation and shipment methods with progressing data on the way things are sent. It will help you to know about your request’s route and give you security that it is arriving.

We ensure that you will be getting all your products without issues. Moreover, if you have any details to ask, get in touch with our representative. Contact us today and enjoy our luxurious services.


Frequently asked questions

How to order packaging boxes from Viveprinting?

Here on our website, we have an option for a “Get a Quote” page, where you will see a form that needs to be filled out by our clients.

How do you accept our files?

We only accept sample files that are in high-quality EPS, PDF, AI, or JPEG format. With this, our team will know exactly what you want from us and will be able to design the same.

What is the particular amount of boxes I can get?

You can have a minimum order of 100 boxes. We ensure that it will be of the best quality and have an attractive presentation.

Does your team help in providing samples?

Yes, we have multiple creative and innovative work samples that will help you pick one or the other from them in a new form. So you can contact our representative today.

In how many days will I get my order?

We have 12 to 14 business days to deliver your order. Note down that weekends are not included in it. We have express delivery for your orders so you can pack your items quickly and sell them to enjoy profit in less time.

Do you deliver my project with fast delivery?

Yes, we offer our clients products with express delivery. You can make your customers happy by providing goods in catchy boxes we offer you on time.

Do I have a choice to alter my order with other products?

We will be pleased to make changes according to our clients, but it is only possible when you convey to us before the production period; otherwise, you have to pay for production. Either way, please contact our customer support as soon as possible.

What if you have delivered the wrong delivery?

Here, we make quality products only, and for our clients, we especially have a return and refund policy in which many situations are clearly mentioned.

What is the customization procedure?

Viveprinting offers several choices for customization; you can pick any color pattern, design, box style, add-ons, and many personalizing options.

Do you have any discount offers on your services?

We have special deals on many events and seasons. If you want to get discounted deals, you must stay in touch with us. Also, if you order any of our services in bulk, you can enjoy products at a low cost.

Do you have a team for designing purposes?

Yes, we have skilled and talented designers who will craft many attractive designs for your products. They ensure that every design is unique and has value for your customers.

What if I want to reorder my old order in the same way?

We value our clients and thus have built order history where you can log on and click the option of order history to see your old order, and further, you can click on reorder to avail it again. 

What if I am ordering from abroad?

Our company deals with international clients, and we have easy shipping ways here that make sure you get the products securely and in their original condition. Contact our customer support for more information.