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Brands need to adopt new ways to promote their businesses. A small gift delivered to the customers makes them feel honored and privileged. To remain in touch with your potential customers, brands do give them small gifts at the end of the year or on special occasions. They can be in different shapes like goodie bags, coupons, or any other.

If you are planning to give away goodie bags to your customers then what should be given in them? There are different options available to brands in this regard. The things presented in these goodie bags will deliver the brand image to the customers. Therefore, they should be of good quality and presence. The printed material works perfectly in this scenario like a printed calendar, a diary, or notepads printing with innovative artworks. These things are the perfect option to be presented in these goodie bags.

The printing solutions become very important in these cases. They make the presentation of a product impactful. Therefore, the printed artwork on these things should be designed with great care and caution. It should be designed with proper features. Custom printed notepads with effective artwork are part of this presentation. We offer our clients some amazing options in this regard.

We have a team of specialists working in each department. Especially, our designers will guide you in getting the desired artwork. They will design these artworks under your instructions by keeping in mind your interests. This will give the artwork a perfect look for your notepads. When we print these artworks on your notepads, they work perfectly as a marketing tool.

Our Expert Opinion on the Selection of a Stock for Notepads Printing:

The selection of the right stock for the designing of a product is extremely important. One wrong step will ruin the whole design and concept behind developing a product. For this reason, we recommend our clients to go with our expert opinion as we have vast knowledge about the printing industry. Utilize our experience in developing their products effectively.

We offer custom printed notepads in a variety of stocks. Each stock comes with different features and qualities. First, we analyze our customer's demands then our experts suggest them an appropriate choice of stock for their product manufacturing. This saves them both time and money.

Some useful stocks we recommend our customers use for the making of their business notepads are.

  •         Bond Paper
  •         Wood free paper 
  •         Wove
  •         Recycled Paper
  •         Parchment Paper
  •         Card
  •         Cotton Paper

70 lb. recyclable paper is the most utilized paper stock in the making of notepads. We recommend our clients go with this option as it provides both quality and cost-effectiveness. The uncoated paper comes with an efficient writability feature. Users can use these notepads for their daily usage. Spiral notepad printing with 70 lb. recyclable paper installed in them is highly in demand.

The Right Artwork for Your Notepads Printing:

The final look of any product is highly dependent on its printed artwork. Advanced printing methods have revolutionized the printing industry. New and unique printing methods allow us to give the products a tempting and alluring look easily.

For this purpose, it is necessary to design an artwork that has impactful features. Our designers are available for your support in this regard. They will design the artwork for you free of cost. You can share your ideas and thoughts with them. They will implement them in your artwork designs in an efficient way. These custom printing options allow our clients to give the desired look to their notepads.

What are the main features that should be included in the designs of the artworks?

  •         Use of the brand name and logo in them.
  •         Notepads with names of customers on them.
  •         Use a combination of bold and vivid colors.
  •         You can use some high-resolution product images in the artwork.
  •         Use short and precise text if needed. It should be to the point.

We offer our clients to get engage with our designers. This will allow them to add the required features to their notepads printing artworks of their choice. This keeps our clients happy and satisfied with the results of our end products developed by us.

Custom Notepads Sizes Options:

The notepads are available in various sizes. Our customers have the option to customize their sizes according to their needs and requirements. Some customers design them according to the sizes of the goodie bags they are going to present to their valuable customers. On the other hand, some want them in standard sizes. Therefore, we accommodate all our clients according to their demands.

Our experts discuss the sizes and styles of business notepads with the clients before getting them printed. Some standard sizes of notepads that we are delivering to our customers are.

  •         3.5” x 8.5”
  •         4” x 6”
  •         5.5” x 8.5”
  •         8.5” x 11”
  •         Custom size

The custom size option allows our clients to get the notepads printing done on the desired sizes. This helps them in getting the exact product that they want to present to their customers.

Economical Marketing Tool to Surprise Your Customers:

Companies need to keep their customers positively engaged with them. Surprise them by giving small gifts, goodie bags, and other things to them. It makes them feel special. Especially, notepads with names on it put a great positive impact on their minds. This keeps the people loyal to the brands.

Therefore, companies always look for economical ways to interact with their customers. In this scenario, the printing material works perfectly for them. It provides them a way to interact with them economically.

Brochures printing, notepads printing, business card printing, and various other printing solutions is its best example. They are the best sources of low-cost marketing. The material used in their making comes at a low cost. With that, their printing methods also do not cost much. This reduces their cost to a great extent. Companies can use these printed products to promote their businesses efficiently. 

Why Choose Viveprinting:

We are the market leader in the printing industry in the US. Our vast experience and expertise make us superior to our competitors. We offer a wide range of products to our clients at economical prices. Which features differentiates us from our competitors?

  •         We are eager to deliver top-quality products to our clients.
  •         We strive hard to achieve excellence in our work.
  •         Our experts are available for the guidance and support of our customers 24/7.
  •         We never compromise on the quality of our products at any cost.
  •         We work within the given budget limits of our clients.
  •         We always deliver the products within the promised timelines.

You can contact us through email, call, or customer chat support available on our website. One of our customer support team members will reply to your queries to the best of their knowledge. So, do not waste any more time. Place your order today and get discounted prices on a wide range of products.