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Custom Packaging Boxes at Viveprinting

Are you looking to bring some innovation and style in your product packaging? The Viveprinting is one of the best custom packaging manufacturers in the USA. We deal in all kinds of packaging solutions. Our experience and expertise in the field of packaging make us superior to our competitors by all means. Our dedication and commitment bring us a lot of success in the form of satisfied and happy customers.

We provide all sorts of latest packaging solutions for all sorts of products. Our expertise is not limited or one-dimensional. You just ask for it and we will make it for you. We provide custom packaging boxes in various building materials in unlimited designs and styles. The use of advanced technologies in their making enhances their quality and standards to a great extent.

Specialized Team Members:

We have a team of specialists working in every department. Therefore, you will get the best services starting from the start till the end. Our services start from guiding you to the best packaging box design for your product till its manufacturing according to high-quality standards.

All the departments are working under their specialist team leaders who guide them to achieve excellence in their work. This helps us in making our customers happy and satisfied in all respects. We treat our customers as our most precious asset and try to build long-term relations with them.

This is achieved by providing them with top-quality packaging products build under the supervision of trained and skilful persons.

Quality Control:

We do not compromise on the quality of our packaging products at any cost. Hence, we always use top-quality building materials in their making. This helps us in making faithful customers who keep faith in our products and order from us again and again.


The cardboard material we use to make our packaging boxes is of the best quality. It comes in different types and thicknesses. We choose from them according to our customer’s directions and their product packaging requirements.

If a customer is unaware of its types and faces problems in selecting the right type of cardboard material for the making of their product boxes. Our experienced and well-trained persons will guide them through. They will guide them according to their best knowledge to help them in getting the right type of custom packaging boxes for their product.

Corrugated Cardboard:

Our corrugated cardboard boxes are highly in demand from customers all over the world. It is due to their high manufacturing quality and the use of top-quality corrugated material in them.

The corrugated cardboard material is durable and sturdy. The custom packing boxes made from it provide extra safety to the products enclosed in them. These boxes are very popular among the manufacturers of almost all industries.

Cardstock Paper:

It is another very useful building material for the making of product packaging. Especially, for the products that are smaller in size and weight. It is a material which is easily customizable in different shapes, sizes, and styles. This is the reason many manufacturers adopt it to give stylish look to their valuable products.

Rigid Cardboard:

It is one of the most durable and sturdy building materials. It is mostly used only by the makers of expensive and luxurious products. This is due to their high cost in comparison to other building material boxes.

The rigid boxes are often seen used to pack gift products as well. Our specially designed rigid boxes improve the beauty of the packed product to a great extent and add extra value to it.

Kraft Paperboard:

We are well aware of the increasing environmental issues. This is why we support using eco-friendly and biodegradable building materials in the making of product packaging. Most of our packaging materials are environment-friendly and recyclable. Kraft paperboard is at the top of this list.

We also guide our customers to use these eco-friendly materials for the making of their product packaging. This will not only satisfy their product packaging needs satisfactorily but also makes their customers happy from them.

Our top priority always remains to satisfy our customer’s needs fully. This is why first we understand their needs and requirements and then we suggest to them the perfect packaging solution according to it. This saves them money and time.

Custom Printing Solutions:

The printing of the packaging creates a deep impact on the customer’s minds. This is the reason why today’s manufacturers take a special interest in designing their product packaging artworks.

We offer our clients custom printing options. This provides them with an opportunity to give their product packaging a desired look. They can collaborate with our trained and skilful printing persons and share their ideas with them. Our people will help them to make desired artworks in spectacular designs and colours.

We use advanced printing methods at Viveprinting. This allows us to print customized artwork on the packing boxes easily. We use both direct and pre-printing methods. It depends on the packaging box design and requirements.

Normally, we offer these types of printing on the packaging boxes.

  • Screen Printing
  • Flexography
  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Lithography

Normally, we suggest to our clients the printing type and method. On the other hand, if the customer wants any specific printing type on their packing boxes. We can also do it according to their desire.

Designing and Styling of Custom Packaging Boxes:

The packaging box design and style hugely impact the selling of a product. A modern-day customer prefers to buy a product packed in a beautiful packing box rather than buying a product packed in an ordinary packing box. By keeping this factor in mind, today’s manufacturers also try to adopt new and stylish designs for packing boxes. They try to make the look of their product stimulating and eye-catching for the customers.

This can be achieved through our custom packaging box designs. We offer our customers packaging boxes in amazing designs and styles. We have a whole library of designs available on our website as well. You can even select any design from there as well.

On the other hand, if you want to make any style and design of a box of your choice. We can also design that for you. We have a team of experienced designers who can work under your instructions. They will provide you with the exact design according to your instructions. This will make your work easy and convenient.

Our designers will design the innovative and stylish look of boxes that increases the beauty of your products. With that, product visibility will also be enhanced. We use flexible and supple building materials in the making. These materials like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, and cardstock papers come with easy customization options.

By utilizing these customization options in the best possible way, we become able to create innovative and stylish looks for custom packaging boxes. Die-cut boxes, 2-piece boxes, window boxes, and many other designs and styles of boxes are our speciality. We can design all modern designs and styles of packaging boxes according to your needs and demands.

Economical Prices:

Our prices are always been very competitive and low. We try to accommodate all customers within their budget limits. It is not our policy to force our customers to increase their budget limits. We understand our customer’s needs and requirements.

Therefore, we do our jobs according to them. We never compromise on the quality of the boxes by reducing their costs. It’s always been our first preference to develop high-quality boxes for our customers at economical prices.

Custom Packaging Boxes in The USA Market:

If you are looking for a reliable and dependable product packaging supplier then your search is over. We are the best custom box manufacturers and suppliers in the USA. Our advanced technologies and methods make us far superior to our competitors. We are offering high-quality packaging boxes to our USA customers at economical prices. We believe our customers are our biggest assets and we work to keep them happy and satisfied by delivering them top-quality products.

Strong Customer Support Services:

We have great support for our clients in all 6 sections related to custom packaging box manufacturing. These phases are as follows.

  • Consultation
  • Designing
  • Prototype
  • Production
  • Logistics
  • Follow-up


We have the best resources and technologies that provide the best facilities in all these departments to our clients. Especially, our 24/7 customer support department is available for your guidance and support. They will guide you in the best possible way according to their knowledge of all of your queries.

You can ask them anything related to placing new orders or the ones that are in process with us.

Hence, we guarantee you the best services in every aspect of your packaging orders. From guidance to the making of your product packaging, our trained and experienced customer support team members will always be with you. You can contact them anytime through call, email, or on our website chat portal.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate in contacting us. We are more than happy in serving you in the best possible way and answering all your queries.